ES Surgery Post OP


I have been reading this forum for quite a while since my ES diagnosis half a year ago. All the tips and experiences have been really helpful to me. Though I decided to share my own experience as well and say thank you to everyone who shared their‘s in order to help others.

I had surgery last week to remove my styloid process. I am pretty amazed with the fact that I could go home after surgery without staying in the hospital. I felt pretty weak for the first few days after surgery but pain was very manageable with the medication I got.
Recovery from this surgery is definitely slow process but I am happy I took this step and look forward to see how ES symptoms will improve after recovery from the surgery.

Thanks for all the pre and post surgery tips and experiences.

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Thank you for your post, chi-chi! I’m glad your surgery is done. Healing can take awhile, sometimes even up to a year for nerves to recover. Be patient & listen to your body - rest when it asks & your recovery will go more smoothly.

Do you mind sharing who did your surgery?

Glad that you’ve been able to have surgery & found that the advice here was helpful! I hope that you heal well & soon feel the benefits of surgery :bouquet:

I did my surgery with Dr. Samji.

I had a couple of appointments with him while deciding if I should have the surgery and he was very patient and understanding in answering all my questions.


Thank you for the info, chi-chi. I hope your recovery continues smoothly. Dr. Samji did my surgeries & my results were great!

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I have mine with Dr. Samji tomorrow. Did he let you see the styloid or take a pic or anything? I forgot to ask about that and didn’t know if I will see him tomorrow morning or not.

You’ll need to ask to see the styloid post op. He typically doesn’t offer to show it to you but will do so if you ask.

I want to ask him during my post op appointment if they took a picture. I did not think about this before hand.

All the best for your surgery tomorrow !