BAD shoulder pain

I am getting worse and worse it seems. :( Since a year ago Ive had this shoulder pain but since nov its ben really bad. I will be writing or holding a fork and I get a sharp pain and almost drop the item Im holding. The shoulder itself has sharp throbbing pain. Had x ray, doc said its fine. NO its not. Nothing helps. Ive done PT as they thought bursitis or tendinitis. Do you think its ES related? Anyone else have shoulder pain? I SWEAR it starts in my neck. Maybe nerve pain?

I have a similar type of pain, but I believe mine stems from the type of work I do. Lots of pulling, pushing, and lifting.

Hope you can find relief.

I definitely have the same pain. It was the pain in my neck and shoulder (and referring pain into my arm) that got me researching ES, and was later diagnosed. My doctor believes that the calcified ligaments and the elongated styloid are probably pressing on the nerves in that area. I’ve had the pain for about two years now. I’ve also did PT for many weeks to no avail. I’m really hoping surgery will help. I hope you get some relief soon.

Could very well be nerve pain; but I'm not a doc. I have days when my shoulder and shoulder blades really hurt when I move just right. It seems to shoot down around the base of neck and to the back. Anyone who knows what sciatica nerve pain feels like, this is similar only another location!

Yes, I believe it is from ES. Everything is connected and my shoulder used to ache so much I thought I had broken something in my shoulder. I assume you have been diagnosed with ES? If so this is related at least it was for me. Otherwise it could be a thoracic problem such as with the vertebrae or ribs out of place. Just remember the body protects itself and all the surrounding muscle, tissue/fascia, and nerves will tighten and become inflamed due to the elongated bone causing pressure against the complex area.

I have found a PT who specializes in Counter Strain technique. Amazing results from this, my nerves are actually healing!!

I agree that it is very likely from ES. I too had horrible shoulder pain that was pretty much constant and sometimes quite painful. It was only on my right side (where most of my symptoms were). I had surgery (bilateral) in March, and the first thing I noticed after waking up from surgery was that my shoulder pain was gone! I couldn't believe it! I previously had thought that I was losing my mind to think that the styloid issue could be responsible for shoulder pain...but it definitely was. I hope you get relief soon Lisa. Surgery should take care of your pain. Praying for you.

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