Do you feel pain HERE? Easy link with pain diagrams- investigating the muscle link to ES type of pain

While we wait between appointments and research our pains and weird symptoms, I think it might be worth it to check out the muscles in the upper body (and even calves!).

I continue to bring up this muscle stuff because the symptoms are often perfectly in line with ES. I fixed some of mine entirely working on muscles. Don't get me wrong; you could still have ES, no doubt. You also could have this other muscle stuff going on, though.

It's worth the read. It's an easy read, and the pictures are helpful as they mark in red where the pain would be being felt. Some of them are almost exact pain descriptions that I have read on here from our members.

There are black dots on the diagrams. These are the same spots that I have been 'working' as I have tried to figure out how to fix my problem areas. I press the area and hold, being patient... because it hurts while I press! Also it's good to be patient because it takes some minutes before I feel the muscle start to 'slide' or move to the side under my finger. My fingers get tired doing this. Afterwards, I feel a pulsing over that point and in the areas it affects, like long lost bloodflow has returned to the area.

I'm no expert, no massage therapist, or anything, but I really like this article and wanted to share! I hope it helps!

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Thank you for sharing and posting the article. I totally agree with you and this article. I have researched this for sometime. I get massages at least every 4 weeks, sometimes 2 weeks if $$ permits. Everything is connected. I think I have had all my issues for many years but the fact I have regular massages has allowed me to go so long with out having them fixed. I think when I injured myself rock climbing that was the thing that opened the flood gates and I could not come back until I had my cervical disc and styloids removed.

I think once I get the other styloid removed, keep up on massage and stretching, I hope it will relief a lot of the muscle issues. I do not know if Crossfit will ever be something I am able to do again. But I will be happy to be able to just do an exercise routine that is best for me and my muscles :-). Thank you again.

Wow, you're amazing. Rock climbing! I did it once with an instructor, and I loved it! I hope you did not fall? I wonder about getting back to training as intensely as I once did, too. I know that I definitely have worse symptoms when I do upper body work. I think my muscles just really cinch up after a workout, and I was not realizing their slow shortening over time. It seems logical that they could be lengthened again, but I think that is going to take serious time.

With your arm, I was going to try to be more detailed, but I'm working on something at the moment, so this is a shorter version in the meantime. I know I have said some of these things before, so I apologize if you already did all of this. I know you have a great therapist, too.

I fixed my annoying numbing/tingling/falling asleep totally dead arm issues when I went underneath the lat, in the flat space between it and the side/back of ribcage. From there, slide's hard to do and the reason for me had to do with scar tissue, I think. I cannot tell you how much this hurt- there is no reason for it to hurt so badly- I could not believe it. I also got the serratus (hard to do since I have small serratus and bony ribs- it didn't feel like there was much to work on, but the scanty bit I worked on there really hurt) and up into the armpit, but more the aft deep part. I have never had anyone get there in a massage that deep. They have done the armpit thing and painfully, but not as far aft as I did. My EMG test showed brachial plexus problems. I wound up looking for that and following the path it takes. It goes to the ulnar nerve. I looked and saw the subclavian artery and vein and basilic vein was all in that area. I think the bloodflow and electrical signals are being seriously squashed by scar tissue and tightness in all of the musculature there. That is causing the issues. I think laying down on the back puts pressure on the lat area, as well as 'caves in' the chest to shoulder area and reduces the clearance in there.

By the way, I somehow gave myself temporary heart palpitations when I got in there- they stopped as I moved off the artery and I had to work around that.

I wanted to describe this better and more cleanly, but I want to answer before I get back to what I was working on.

I have had zero sleep issues with my arms/hands since I have kept up with this. ZERO. It was a daily problem, then intermittent as I started to figure it out. Now gone. :)

Very interesting, I went for 2 Neuro/muscular cranium massages this winter & I truly feel it helped relieve my ES symptoms. She said my skull was so out of line from teeth pulled, childhood injuryies & falls I've had within my 50yrs. Thanks for sharing this, will give some a try.

I can't thank you enough for posting this information! I was just diagnosed last week. I was shocked...and still am. I was expecting something simple, a pack of antibiotics and out the door. Now as it sinks in, I begin to recall different symptoms and things that have been happening over the last year. My shoulder has went through phases of extreme pain, hard to lift to close a curtain, everything being on my left side, I am now connecting the dots. Shingles on the left side of head, sore left shoulder, feeling like my blood just skips a beat as it runs through my body and my body just vibrates with each pulse!, Sore left side of throat, strange left side of tongue, occasional dizziness, The link you provided was very helpful, thanks very much!