Balance plus no heavy lifting

After styloidectomy I’m advised no heavy lifting. But something more to consider. Beware of new sense of balance, or imbalance. You have to wait months before the other side is done. So over these months be extra careful about balance because your sense perception has changed a bit.


Good advice Violin! Something for members to be prepared for…how are you doing? :pray:

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My styloidectomy and jugular decompression with Dr. Hepworth went well. In addition, as my endocrinologist and I wanted, he took out my thyroid gland. It turns out that matted lymph nodes (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis causes inflamed lymph nodes) were additionally putting pressure on the jugulars.

With thyroidectomy, however, can come a few additional issues. My parathyroid glands were temporarily affected, and my blood calcium fell too low, so I stayed several days in the hospital while that was monitored. My voice is temporarily affected, too. I’m told I sound like Minnie Mouse, but this should normalize, and there are treatments if needed.

The vagus and accessory nerves were wrapped around the styloid. The jugular opened up after he cleaned up the area, venoplasty not needed.

Very much looking forward to the next surgery on the other side. Completely endebted to the goodness found here.


Sounds like surgery was really tough, but glad that your jugular reopened & that you’re feeling positive! Will keep praying :pray: :hugs:

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That’s definitely how I’m feeling, very wonky/half done, my body seems to be adjusting, even though my vertigo is much improved I find myself wobbly at times, it’s taking time to adjust to the new me, roll on to the second surgery


I’m glad you’re adjusting @Millymay. I bet the second surgery will make a big difference for you, but it will take time.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, @Violin. It’s great that your IJV has been released from “prison” & is flowing freely now! I hope the time till surgery #2 seems to pass quickly!!