Balance problems/dizzyness/vision disturbance

How many of you have those symptoms. I have them all the time. If I only move i'm always dizzy and have balance problems so sometimes I have to stand widely on my legs. When I'm not moving everything is ok.

How many of you had those symtoms and after surgery their gone?

I had dizziness at times prior to surgery but not since. If it’s all the time for you, you may have some compression of nerves or blood flow in your neck. What’s your doc have to say?

I have balance probs at times; I'm not sure if it's blood pressure related, as mine's low, ear related as my ears are affected a lot from the ES, and also partly visual, like motion sickness. It has improved quite a bit recently- this coincides with taking amitryptiline for the nerve -type pain I get from ES (and the pain/ feeling of pressure in my ears has improved too with that medication), and also very gentle exercises to release the tension and pain in my neck from a slipped disc I have C5-C6. The exercises were suggested by the physio I am seeing for the disc problem, and they help too. So what was causing the balance and dizziness, I can't say for definite- but my sons are disappointed- they used to think it was funny to stand near me and dance/ wobble about, and I would have to get down on the floor as it made me feel so bad!!