Bloodflow & vertigo: a Meniere's study that may have implications for vascular ES

I thought this was very intriguing. I am thinking some of us that have the vascular ES are getting vertigo from our bloodflow issues.

This study at our university makes me think that if some of us fix our obstructions that are caused by styloids, we might find relief….or maybe it is why some vascular ES patients who have the surgery are relieved of vertigo episodes.

Anyway, I really think this could be relevant. :)

Interesting article. I had developed balance issues about 6 months before I had my left styloid removed (vascular eagles compressing the IJV). Balance issues resolved after surgery and ballooning out the jugular.

Very interesting! I believe you are right. Mine all started with visual, balance, inner ear symptoms then escalated to full vertigo. Told I had Meniere's, BPPV, Inner ear infection, Migraine associated vertigo. Since having my left one removed my balance has improved. (coming up on 7 weeks) Still have the right one to do. :)

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So awesome to hear that balance has improved after 7 weeks, Lailei; I am amazed it's been that long already! I really DO think the blood flow connection is applicable to situations where the styloid is reducing it. It's really cool to see research that makes the connection for bloodflow and balance issues. Pretty good stuff for the Meniere's patients, for sure!

I was diagnosed with Ménière’s and vertigo over 5 years ago. If only someone would of thought of checking my styloids…just ridiculous!!!

I mentioned my feeling like I’m about to drop sensation to a neuroopthalmologist. His response was that he thought I would have balance issues. He was so right.
Lailei - who did your surgery?

I was first diagnosed with Meneires in 1994 when all this started... I have badly compressed jugulars and elongated styloids.

I think the article is very much on to something. Thanks for posting it.

Hi Tee,

Yeah it has gone fast. It still isn't perfect but I am definitely doing better.

I found out that big lymph node that he removed was in the way of the removal of my styloid. Deep cervical level 2. My Dr. (not surgeon) said level 2 is located near the jugular. So crazy!!

Read this on a neck dissection classification article......

Level 2 lymph nodes are related to the upper third of the jugular vein, extending from the skull base to the inferior border of the hyoid bone.

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Dr. Samji did my surgery :)

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I know right!!

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It has to be related.

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