Ben's Friend Partnership with PicnicHealth - Electronic Medical Records for Patients With Rare Diseases

A few weeks ago, my friend Noga Leviner told me she was building an Electronic Medical Records system for people with rare conditions. It's called PicniceHealth ( Noga has Crohn's so she knows what it's like to have a rare condition and wanted to build something that made every patient's life better.
Take a second and check it out. Please note that there is no financial relationship between Ben's Friends and PicnicHealth. :)
With PicnicHealth you can instantly:
- Retrieve medical information from your doctors' electronic record systems
- Make sense out of your lab results
- Easily send records between doctors
Get invited for free, early access to PIcnicHealth:

Hello Scott,

I was unable to find out from the link whether this service is only for U.S residents or if it will link international records. Can you clarify this please?

Red Pill

I think US only for now. But try it out. Feel free to email them. They are nice people.

Hi Scott,

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the safety and privacy of using this site. It does seem like an excellent service, but I worry about possible problems if this site gets hacked and my info gets out. I'm not really sure what the risks could be, but that only makes me worry more.


Great question Eagleheart. Any website is susceptible to hacking, but we do have the benefit of running on a pretty hefty software platform called Ning which spends a lot of time and money on security.

I would suggest never posting anything that you wouldn't be comfortable with being public. That's how I operate online, on every site.

I'm sorry, Scott. I didn't make myself clear. I was wondering what you thought about the security of using PicnicHealth. Thank you for getting back to me. Also, thank you for the great work you do to help people with rare diseases.

Thanks for the kind words!!!

I don't have a good sense for Picnic's security. Most startups know to use security methods and keep things safe, but it's always risky.