Arjuna would like to ask you some questions. Yes YOU!

Hello everyone

It’s not often that I get to introduce a very special member of the Ben’s Friends team with a unique and interesting project . Arjuna is one of our interns, a university student volunteer who is hoping to have a career in one of the medical professions. He has been doing an exceptional job on several of our communities greeting new members.

Imagine everyone’s excitement when we heard that Arjuna was planning a Ben’s Friends Rare Diseases conference at his university in Toronto! As part of the conference program, Arjuna would like to present some insights from our members.

Could you help Arjuna by answering a few questions? Your answers will provide interesting discussion material at the Rare Diseases Conference later this month.

Your participation will help aspiring medical professionals understand the unique challenges and problems facing people like us, whose lives have been touched by a rare disease or condition.

Thanks for whatever help you can give

Seenie from Moderator Support

Over to you, Arjuna!

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I will as well!

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Arjuna is a university student, and in the middle of exams right now, Mayela, but I’m sure he will get back to you soon.


I would love to help, if I can.

Yes… more than willing to answer any questions.

I’d be glade to as well

I would be willing to answer queations. Email me or direct message

Count me in if you’re still taking names.

I am happy to answer any questions.

Hey everyone! Seenie here from ModSupport
@Arjuna_BFintern has been really busy, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate your volunteering.

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Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing all of your answers! This is very exciting.

I would be glad to answer questions as well

I would be glad to

I would love to help.

If you still need I’m up