Ben's Friends Fundraising

Could you help with our fundraising activities this year?

As you may know, access to our patient communities is free of charge – there is the opportunity for community members, be they patients, relatives or friends to subscribe to Patreon or to donate through our webpage but there’s no obligation to pay. However, Ben’s Friends communities do depend on funding to provide the service that you see.

The vast majority of this funding comes from significant donations made by our Board, corporations and organizations that we work with. It is important to feed back to these people to ensure they understand the value that their donations create.

How could I help?

One of the very simple things you could do would be to record a short video about what your Ben’s Friends community means to you, or you could write a thank-you for one of our major donors.

It is important to receive the donations that we get – we couldn’t run Ben’s Friends the way we do without them.

If you would like to help, please complete this questionnaire:

If you have any trouble with the questionnaire, please let a moderator know.

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