Bilateral Jugular Eagle Syndrome

I was wondering if anyone could share their experience in managing their IH symptoms. I use diamox but feel I have a very short response time and I get bad again quickly. I only take 125 mg in the am and I try not to take more due to the side effects. But I am wondering if I am causing more harm than good by not taking more and on a regular basis? Does anyone take multiple medications to manage the pain and IH? Surgery is not till December for one side and later for the other side. Thank you for the follow up.

Sorry no one has posted here. Medications are best taken as directed so not being consistent is most likely not helping. I would follow as directed and if it is not working contact the office. They have lots of different options as well if Diamox is not doing it for you. The other natural option is dandilion leaf (not root) tea as a diuretic and camomile tea as a blood thinner.

Otherwise self lymph drainage to your head and neck and a hot shower can be helpful. I can send the link to a YouTube video if you would like.

December is coming…just keep holding on :purple_heart:

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Thank you so much. This IH can be debilitating . I will give these a try. I am trying not to call the office because for awhile I called every week… Your right, Dec is close. Praying surgery isn’t canceled with all this covid stuff. Thank you again :two_hearts:

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Yes, that is the wild card right now ugh.
Being a pleasant squeaky wheel is the only way to go. They are there for you for this very reason! They will help pull you through these next few weeks and of course we have your back as well :purple_heart: :pray:

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