Surgery done. Jan 18, 2022

Hello Everyone! I had my surgery done on Tuesday Jan 18 in Oregon by Dr. Sunshine Dwojak at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center outside of Portland.
My Journey:
My symptoms started shortly after I recovered from a very bad flu about 4 years ago. It got worse with time and I started to consult with physicians on what might be going on and I honestly think I might have had one of the worst cases of eagle’s out there. Some of my symptoms were:

  • mild to severe headache at random times throughout the day (always wake up with headache)
    -constant right side neck pain that radiates to upper right back and shoulder
  • tingling and small numbness in right hand
  • tingling sensation on right side top of my head (skull)
  • stomach issues (gastrointestinal)
  • right leg pain occasionaly, mostly in my feet that comes and goes.
  • occasional nerve activity in my right eye
    -couldnt bend my neck to the right too much

All these symptoms vary in intensity and they can get so bad that I cant even work and have to go take a nap for a few hours (I am a software engineer). I have seen numerous doctors in the past who all had different diagnoses and undergone various treatments for TMJ, IBS, thorough ear examination(came back 100%), stomach enzyme tests, etc but all to no avail. I was always told everything is fine with me and its probably all in my head. (smh)

I started reading unline and I came across Eagle’s syndrome and the more I read about it, the more convinced that I had it. That is what led me to this amazing online community. It was almost like I had discovered Gold in my backyard. It was such a relief. Fast forward, I began forwarding some articles to my doctor I found online and begged her to look into eagle’s syndrome and she agreed to check for that and low and behold, there it was. She then refered me to Dr. Dwojak who according to her is an expert in surgeries in that area of neck and that she was not comfortable to do it. It took me a year to decide to go ahead with the surgery because I was scared of all the what ifs. But I came to realization that I would rather live with the possible side effects of the surgery that to continue to live the rest of my life with these God forsaken symptoms (I am only 30yo). I did the surgery (took about 2 hours total) and I am happy to say that I am 100% percent free ALL the symptoms pre-surgery (except pain in my right face and numbness from the surgery which will heal with time according to the doctor). I told Dr. Dwojak about this online community and that I am going to put her name here and she was happy to agree to it.

Thank you all and God bless you.
I have attached a few pictures that were taken during the surgery showing the length of my styloid ligament (warning !!!)

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First off, WELCOME to our forum!! That is an amazing picture, @blessed2bhere! Some of us have gotten pics of the styloid(s) once removed but no one has posted a pic of the styloid in situ!! Your ES symptoms are definitely among those experienced by many of our members so you were in good company prior to surgery. :wink:

How fantastic that you found such a wonderful, helpful & knowledgeable doctor do your surgery (especially that she did it externally) & that your PCP actually listened to you & went to bat for you in finding the right surgeon to help you. I’m also glad that your symptoms are vastly improved this quickly after surgery. Dr. Dwojak is correct - your remaining symptoms should resolve w/ time. It can take up to a year for nerves to fully heal. I will add her name on our Doctors List.

I hope you continue to recover well. Recovery can go forward & backward & forward again in a cycle so please don’t be discouraged if you have some harder days after your good days. It seems to be the way healing from ES surgery goes. Hopefully you will only get better & better though.

Hi & welcome to the site!
Very glad that you’ve been able to get surgery & that it’s resolved your symptoms! I hope that you keep healing well & that the pain & numbness resolve soon. I have numbness still from surgery around my jaw, but that’s better than pain! Glad too that you found this site helpful :smiley:

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Welcome. And wow!! I’m so glad you found help. And encouraged that you found help within the Kaiser system. Prayers for continued healing!!