Help Please with vertigo

I just joined this site, so thankful to know I am not alone ! It took 7 months to find out I have Eagle Syndrome. My biggest problem is horrible vertigo. I can’t function in life any more. I can’t walk without assistance and I get so dizzy that I have to spend the day in bed. Does anyone else have this? Please Help.

Hi, and welcome!
I had dizziness, although not so bad that I had to lay down. I had vascular ES and it was compressing the jugular veins- it made me feel constantly off-balance.
There have been members who have had the styloids compressing the arteries and then that can cause dizziness when the neck is in a certain position. A couple of people have also had POTS (postural tachycardia syndrome)- not sure whether that was anything to do with the ES, but that can cause dizziness.


Do you have a doctor that’s treating you?

Yes i have still dizziness, found no solution yet

Hi Theeaglehaslanded,
There was a gal on this site a year or so ago, Maui Miracle who had your degree of vertigo as a result of ES. Post surgically she went to physical therapy & among other things learned to do the Epley Maneuver. Over time as her body healed from surgery, her vertigo totally went away. I’m not sure the Epley Maneuver is a good idea while your styloids are long (or calcified ligaments are in place) , but if you have surgery & still have vertigo, PT & Epley would be good options.

Hope this info is helpful.

I just was contacted today by Dr. at Jefferson Hospital and I have appointment for next Tuesday! I’m so relieved. The vertigo is awful, but my referring Dr saw my CT scan and my carotid artery is affected so I quess that would explain some of the vertigo. I just want to walk again:pensive:
Thank you for responding

Thank you for responding. I am scheduled for surgery August 5th with Dr. Cognetti at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. My dizziness is better and I have no idea why. I do notice if I am too active it comes back.

So glad you have surgery scheduled! I hope you find that having your styloids &/or ligaments shortened/removed makes a huge difference in how you feel. Healing takes time, however, so please be patient w/ your body post op. It will likely take a good couple of months for you to feel “normal” again and close to a year for all nerves to heal. I have nerves that are still mending from my surgery last Aug. but am feeling great otherwise. I hope you have the same end results!

I’ll put you on my calendar for 8/5 & pray for you specifically regarding your surgery. :slight_smile:

Hope that all goes well for you, Theeaglehaslanded! There’s lots of info on the site about what to expect with surgery, and the old discussions are searchable by topic, if you want more info!