Book bilateral Eagle syndrome- my son's case

I published my son’s case via an e-book and I have had many people ask for the hard copy. The publisher stated that due to the color pictures from surgeries etc., the minimum price they will sell it at is $38 per book. The e-book is available for $9.99. I need some feedback as to how many people are interested in purchasing a copy and if you would be willing to pay $38. If that is too high for most, then I may need to leave it as an e-book without the option for the print copy. I hope that most of you who were on this site who helped me years ago are doing well. My son is 3 years post styloid surgery for bilateral regrowth. I am happy to say is doing excellent and still pain free. Here is a link to the ebook: Connecting the Dots Palatal Myoclonus, Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia, Eagle’s Syndrome, Lyme Disease, and Babesia
I am looking for feedback. Thank you and I pray for relief for all who suffer from this debilitating condition.

Thanks for letting us know how you & your son are doing, & for sharing your story! That would probably be more than I could pay, the ebook would be more my budget!

The book was great. Really gave me strength as if I young boy could deal with it twice - by golly I could deal too! I truly appreciate your telling your families story. As for price - I bought the e-book, but would probably have paid $38 after just to be able to reference back to sections.

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Hi Ear_Mom -

I bought the paperback several years ago. Couldn’t put it down. What a journey you & your son were on prior to his ES diagnosis. YIKES! So glad you pushed till you got an accurate diagnosis for him. I’m sure he’ll be forever grateful. So glad he’s doing well now!


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I bought the paperback and found out that back and neck pain could be from Eagles after having a neck surgery that only made the pain worse. This book is fabulous. I recommend it for 9.95 or 38.00; it is so well documented. Can you post online who the surgeon is that operated. I know, but there are people here who need encouraging. It is important to know the depth of the surgeon’s commitment to his patients. Some people on this site need this kind of encouragement. I regret that I did not purchase it much sooner. I might have avoided a surgery on the neck. You have done the work and written about it. We should learn and try to avoid all the dead ends.
EarMom , just so you know, I finally had my two surgeries. Ten days from now I will be celebrating 6 months since my second surgery and it took the second one to get better. Thank you, I hope our members will purchase it and learn where to find help and how to avoid all the dead ends involving finding doctors and getting treatment.


I bought the e-book and read it in one day! WOW, what a journey. I dealt with ES for a few years as an adult and cannot imagine what it would be like for a young child to go through ES - that on top of tick borne illnesses is just unimaginable. Thank you for sharing your story. Kudos to you, your family and especially to Jacob.

I will add in this edit that I know I need the right side done and have been worried about it since my crazy post-op nerve issues for the left side. There are so many of us here that give me inspiration and hope for having gone through it twice, some three times, but to go through it four times is a whole new level of inspiration for me. Thank you Jacob.


Where did you get your surgery done? Sorry that you have had nerve issues. Is that common?

EarMom’s son had surgery with Dr Jason Newman I think in PA
BrooklynGirl saw Dr Cognetti, PA for her 1st surgery, & Dr DeLacure in NY for her 2nd. Just in case they don’t get back to you…

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@BrooklynGirl - I hope that you find the relief that you need with your next surgery and I am glad that in some small way, my son’s case helped inspire you. If my son can do it, so can you!

I know it has been a while since some have posted on this thread, but a black and white paperback is now available. The e-book is color, but the paperback is black and white so that it is affordable. May my son’s suffering and successful outcome continue to help those who follow in our footsteps.

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Your book & ES journey w/ your son are amazingly informative & helpful. Thank you so much for sharing those w/ us!!

So glad he continues to do well! You have allowed many people who were at the ends of their “ES ropes” to dare for a successful end to their pain & symptoms.