Burning Tongue question

I had external surgery on my right side for Eagle’s Syndrome in May 2018. I also have an elongated styloid process on the left side but have not had surgery on that side. I’ve been having what I now know to be burning tongue/burning mouth syndrome that I can date back to June/July 2018.

My question- is the burning tongue possibly a result of the surgery, or is it more likely it’s an Eagle’s symptom related to left styloid process?

Hi georgiagirl,

The answer to your question is it can be related to both. Because you still have one elongated styloid, I would suspect that is the culprit especially since it’s very common for the second styloid to “make itself” more “visible” via symptoms after the first styloid is removed. However, it could also be residual from the first surgery. It’s not as common a post op symptom as something like First Bite Syndrome, but it’s also not unheard of. I had burning tongue pre-op & periodically have burning tongue now, but it’s mild enough that until recently, I didn’t mentally process that I still have it.

If it’s bothersome enough, it would be worth it to pursue removal of your second styloid. If you can live with it, then skip the surgery. You can also consider taking a nerve pain medication like Gabapentin or Amitriptyline to see if that helps as burning tongue comes from the trigeminal nerve.

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I have it from time to time, if it’s really annoying I use a solution of bicarbonate of soda which settles it down. Had it before surgery, but I think it’s less now than it used to be, but can’t say for sure whether yours is down to the remaining styloid or a post op thing…

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Thank you both; that was helpful. My symptoms right now are in-between tolerable and intolerable. It’s daily, all the time, yet not debilitating. However, I think I’m starting to put together some other symptoms that are also likely related to the styloid process. I think I’ve been in denial because I do not want to go through the headache of another surgery (logistically being out of state) or the financial drain of it.


Dr Neil Futran in Seattle has done several surgeries, is it possible for you to see him? I’m sorry, I can’t remember who you had your 1st surgery with?

I did my surgery with Dr Samji- he was great. I did originally try to see Dr Futran but I need the external surgery due to the how deep my styloids are buried, and (at least at the time I contacted his office) he only did the intraoral one.

Right, sorry I’d forgotten…I guess you’d probably want Dr Samji to do the 2nd side too then!

Yes, if I need the second side done, I’d prefer to do it with Dr Samji

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Hi. I got the burning tongue pain after my last surgery. My dentist’s office told me to use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. So I bought some Sensodyne toothpaste and brush my tongue with it every time I brush my teeth. It helps a lot with the burning pain. It doesn’t make it go away completely - but it really does make a significant difference for me.

I was recently diagnosed with ES and also have had burning tongue for a while. It comes and goes. I found a dry natural mouth solution called TheraBreath it helps my tongue not bother me so much or feel dry/burned. Perhaps it will help you.