Buzzsaw Voice

It’s really hard to explain, but I have a feeling you eagle friends will relate: do here goes!

Tinnitus has been my companion for the last two decades. It has been elevated to BFF status since a nice 4 impact car accident in 2007. My eagles is bilateral; well, unilateral now on the right as I just had my left spike removed on 8/9/13! My tinnitus was bilateral but worse on the right. I had clicking and popping in both ears when I swallowed before the surgery. I am happy to report that at a week post op, the clicking and popping in the left ear when swallowing has stopped for the most part!

But per the usual I have gotten side tracked from the main topic of the discussion! For about 15 years my own voice has become my own enemy :frowning: It feels like there is a buzz saw in the bone structure of my skull with the pronunciation of every syllable. Then to top it off every incoming sound is even worse. Noise stimulation is unbearable at times and ear plugs have become a best friend also.

It’s hell sometimes because I’ve always been such a social person and interaction and communication are such a touchstone in my line of work.

Have any of you out there ever experienced this buzz saw-like feeling in the pit of your head? If so, have you had any successes in remedying it? (Aside frome ear plugs?)

I have the tinnitus, I have had it for about 13 years.

My tinnitus is in my right ear and the only possible sign that I have eagles on that side other than the CT scan. Otherwise, I have no pain and do not plan to have surgery for it unless I have other pain as well. It would be nice to get rid of it, but I don't want another surgery that might go wrong just for this. It is annoying but not painful most of the time.

I suspect it is the styloid putting pressure on the Eustachian tube or the carotid. Maybe vascular. If for me, I get any other symptoms, I am on my way to a surgeon.

My buzzsaw comes and goes. I NOTICE IT GETS WORSE when I take extra calcium supplements or some medications. So I use natural calcium as in yogurt and milk etc. See if you find anything that I said holds true for you.

Yes, earplugs are my friend especially around loud noises, I avoid movies and concerts. I don't know why, but earplugs sometimes help me sleep even though I still hear the buzzing in my head, psychological, I suppose.

I ALSO USE Melatonin OTC 3 grams per night over the counter, about 1 hour before bedtime to help me relax and get sleepy so that I can go to sleep regardless of the tinnitus. It also seems to help.

Please do not think the capitalized words were screaming, our ears do enough of that. That was my way of highlighting things that might help.

Hm...I think I sometimes have the incoming version of this. Certain noises on the TV, or something like ice cubes dropping in the tray really have this distorted, buzzy, too-loud quality to them. I don't hear this with my own voice, though. I sometimes put my fingers over my ears until the noise passes. I think mine has to do with air pressure inside the eustachian tube distorting the way the 3 bones vibrate and transmit to the auditory nerve. My sensitivity issue improves with working on my neck muscles, and is worse when they get tight.

Do you feel like you need to pop your ears sometimes? Do you have a tight neck or messed up cervical spine?

A doc can determine if you have auditory nerve damage by placing a tuning fork at different positions near your ear. If it is not auditory nerve damage, it might be a eustachian tube issue....which you might be able to narrow down to an Eagle Syndrome thing or a neck thing.