Calcified ligament

Sounds like a perfectly ideal situation. Always best when we have confidence in the surgeon & especially when (s)he accommodates you to make your life easier en route to surgery. Sure hope all goes well & you NEVER have to deal w/ this again!

When is your surgery?

Thanks guys…
Haven’t made that commitment yet. On one hand, I needed it yesterday. Other hand…my son in Chicago is getting married (BIG wedding😩Hate being around people and all that racket!) July 7th. Sooooo you see my conundrum. Giant fresh scars, speaking like a drunk while nerves heal… All while wearing a beautiful silver gown as mother of the groom. Talk about goofy looking😬 Gonna just pop pills, keep heating pad on and overuse my TENS unit.

Want to make sure THEEAGLEHASLANDED knows those bad boys do indeed grow back!

And maybe get an appt for surgery 2 days after your son’s wedding?!

ASAP 4 sure. I have to recover from that 14-15 hr trip. The hubby believes in driving all the way and stopping only for gas… If I have to talk too much then the neck gets really bad causing awesome migraines that only imitrex can help (I take it every morning anyway since I have them upon waking). I will do my best to become a wallflower at the wedding to avoid triggers. Even eating…hence why I’m as thin as my wallet :joy: My baby boy deserves a mom that can make him proud and come visit. He’s working on a Ph.D in biochem research. It’s hard to explain why I couldn’t drive up for any holidays…he drove me to my first surgery so he understands but my soon to be new family doesn’t get it :weary:
How do you explain the pain and disabilities that comes with something nobody has ever heard of?!
We own a pharmacy so husband can’t exactly get many days off for road trips. My youngest son is at LSU in Baton Rouge with my car…God help me :joy:
Yeah…I think I need this done before the wedding! I will be pathetic otherwise…argh!!! Decisions decisions…

Your husband & my husband are kindred spirits when it comes to traveling! YIKES! I’m now busily using his frequent flier miles to visit our daughter, son-in-law & our only granchild. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you were able to get surgery in early Feb., you should be good to go by July. My scars were barely visible 2 months out from surgery & I was feeling pretty normal. That would mean you’d be much better by April. I think it 's worth the gamble so you can truly enjoy the wedding.
But…it’s not my body & not my risk…:smirk:

I’m inclined to agree @Isaiah_40_31. It would be nothing that a sexy scarf or silver choker wouldn’t hide! What year were you born and how old are kids? Where do they live?
It seems we have many kindred spirits here.
Having so many commonalities that most can’t even begin to understand is nice👍 Sharing what works (TENS unit, heating pad, imitrex for migraines along with meds also the brands of earplugs for certain activities)
Sharing what doesn’t…chocolate, alcohol, roller coasters, squirrel hunting and any other activities that keep you looking up (painting the ceiling ect) and don’t forget that being in denial about your body’s limitations can hurt you the most. I grew up riding jumpers and race horses and lots of gymnastics…well guess what…teaching the little girls at school how to stand on their head is the absolute worst possible thing I could do…denial, denial, denial…and stupid.
Live and learn

Of course it’s your decision, Candymac, & you know what the recovery was like before (all surgeons do it a bit differently, so recovery can vary a bit), but I think in your position I’d rather have the surgery asap, & hope by the summer I’d be okay; if you’re suffering that much that you’re not going to be able to properly enjoy the wedding anyway… why wait? If you could get it done soon and not have to wait a month or more?
I couldn’t resist showing off the other day & doing the monkey bars at a park- big mistake even after surgery!! I don’t like being a grown-up sometimes!!
Just wondering how you sleep- I found sleeping quite propped up really helped- I would get bad headaches in the morning from the pressure in my head, & sleeping propped up did help.

Oh @Jules!:joy::joy: you show off! I’m betting you couldn’t move your head for a while! Pain from your skull base wrapping around to your clavicle with shoulder weakness. We have been reduced to just telling stories about our glory days while the youngster roll their eyes and think "yeah, right"
The couch has been my bed for a few years. I’m propped up 30-45 degrees and surrounded by pillows. I counted eleven pillows at last check😬 I have to also put a giant pillow beneath knees that helps. It prevents movement. I used to love sleeping on my stomach but that’s impossible and even on my side is not cool. Just waiting to hit the lottery so an adjustable bed can be bought…those things are crazy $$$!
I abhore having to sleep in a hotel!!! Not enough pillows in the world there. We do have to attend pharmacy conventions sometimes so I’m always looking for portable comfort to help. Any suggestions on specialty items that would make hotel beds more comfortable would be great.
I feel like the only wife who hates to travel, go out or take vacations.:roll_eyes:

Get yourself a wedge pillow (Bed, Bath & Beyond has a nice one) & a neck pillow (Walgreens, Target, & probably B, B & B) in either a U or V shape. Costco is selling a nice body length pillow right now w/ a very soft fuzzy cover that might be useful to you as well. You can often get extra pillows at hotels. Just ask at the front desk. For what it’s worth, I’m not fond of staying in hotels either. Never sleep well there. Love camping & sleeping outside though!!

After my surgeries, I slept on a wedge pillow w/ others stacked on top of it to increase the angle so I was almost sitting up. Had to sleep that way for a couple of months post op or my throat would swell. Felt weird finally sleeping flat again when I could.

I’m so used to sleeping propped up- it was about 3 years that I had to- that I can’t get used to laying flat now, so I still use the V shaped pillow! An arm chair was my bed for the night for a few months before I had the first surgery too, Candy-mac, so I really hope you don’t have to wait too long, nor travel too much!