Can ES. cause a lazy eye?

I have developed a lazy eye over the past 5 years. Can es be the cause? I especially get it when my eyes are tired. I also have eye pain and extreme headaches with temple pain. I am getting a mri of brain to rule out other things. My styloids are at least 3.7cm bilaterally. My headaches will not go away. Is that common? Also when i swallow i hear and feel popping. Any info is appreciated.

My dentist said i may have Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia. He doesnt think my " at least 3.7cm " styloids are long enough to be bothersome. I beg to differ. I will be starting to see ENT.

Smart move! They bother because they are pressing on all of those nerves, tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins....etc. All of that makes them bothersome. I had mine removed externally. I was having anything left hanging around to regrow. The doctor clipped something so they can't grow again. I've had so much relief. It is amazing.

Just wanted to confirm that 3.7 cm styloids (and even shorter than that) can definitely cause major pain and can also compress veins and arteries.

What does your dr. say. Have you checked out your Eustachian tubes for function? Yes ES can affect you like this. Have you seen an Opthamologist? Stress from the ES can trigger this pain.

I have an ent appt which starts with an audio consult . dec 18. I think thats where they start…also mri nov 18th. I also have chronic dizziness. From bending over to just moving my eyes. .

My doctor has recently started to check things out. I had problem with my salivary glands getting plugged and ever since i have had such an issue. But i have had headaches for a long time and episodes of dizziness. Every day.

Hi Liisa,

I have similar problems. I did have a little lazy eye ( my left eye ) since I was born but it was nothing big and I lived with it whole my life.

But by the end of 2013 I had really serious episode of vertigo and this was the moment of my life when everything stars. Since then I have hyperacusis and some tinnitus in my right ear and I'm almost always dizzy, especially when I turn my head to the right side and when I do "no move". In January 2014 I had anterior cervical discectomy and fusion because doctprs said that my problem is my herniated disc on C5-C6 level ( this was a problem I've had for 7 or 8 years before and tried every type of physical therapy ). Surgery helped with my lef hand numbness and this kind of symptoms. my neurosurgeon said that everything is right now and healing well and there is no possibility that my problems with ear or dizziness is because of cervical my spine. I had couple of MRI's, of my neck nad head, one of them showed that I have some changes in white matter of my brain, I was really scared, spent some time in the hospital, it was in march, and that's when I noticed that I have lazy eye, my right eye, it was a new symptom and I still have it now. In the hospitla they did all the tests and afetr my contro MRI's the diagnosis is that I don't have any neurological disease and those changes in white matter of the brain are old and doesn't proceed and have nothing to do with my lazy eye, and hyperacusis, sometimes eye pain, neck pain.

In the mean time I did CT scan which showed right sided elongated styloid process, but I don't have throat pain and some other symptoms specific in ES.

I wrote whole of this story because I'm looking for some proof that ES can cause lazy eye. Doctors always say that it's impossible because it have to affect brain stem or some structures direct in the head/brain.

I found onlu this:

Nothing else about lazy eye and ES besiedes you and me.

Please let me know if your problems with eye started with some particuar symptoms and check my discusions on this forum.

My symtoms are:


Clickin/crunching sound on the right side of my neck, behinf my ear

Dizziness ( especially when I try to turn my head right )

Earlier I had trouble swallowing but that can be caused by my spine surgery

Eye pain

Bloodshot Eye

Lazy Eye

Hyperacusis and Tinnitus

… one more thing that might cause lazy I guess because of what I've read - instability oc C1-C2 or C0-C1 of cervical spine, taht's why I'm confused, because I have elongated styloid but I also have problems with my cervical spine

I just had an appointment with an MD/eye specialist. I wanted to check out the pain, weakness, etc. in my right eye. He cleared up a couple of points. My right eye was diagnosed years ago with Amblyopia, but it was apparently too late to help; this Dr. said it needed to be treated before I was 7. Over the years, I did learn to deal with it. Having Lasix in 1999 helped my eyes tremendously. Recently, while dealing with SCDS and Eagles, my eye started to have some focus issues - I thought it might have to do with these. It did. In part, the pressure on the nerves, blood, etc. But, what it was doing mainly was going back to being weak because of my health: severe dryness from the meds and surgeries; tiredness from not feeling well; pain. But, I also found out that the blurry vision is now due to a Cataract; this started to show up several years ago, but with no real symptoms. I did not realize it was getting worse, because I was dealing with so many other issues. I just figured I was getting old and my eye was just getting weak again. This Dr. said I should look into fixing it. That would also stop the eye pain like sharp pains, constant sinus drainage from the eye being stressed, tired eyes, muscles pain around the eye. I use yellow lenses while outside/driving, day and night; good lubricants more often; stay off the computer more; exercise my eyes; look away from close work. All the good stuff. I went to this dr. on my own, because my optometrist/optician just told me to get stronger reading glasses and think about getting some for full time use. Again, I double checked.

Thank you for the responses.
PAWEL: I have all your symptoms except redness of the eye. My left eye where i have a daily ear ache always feels tired, overworked like. Driving becomes really hairy at times because my eye wont function. Daily headaches, eye pain, popping, clicking when swallowing or yawning. Always chocking of drinks and sometimes on food. Neck pain on the side of neck below ear, i also have had other problems with my neck from 3 seperate accidents with the first one breaking a part of my c6. Third accident i may have had an evulsion fracture of my c1. But that wasnt caught until a review of my scans but was never notified by er/hosp. I just had copies of my accident er notes taken to the VA reguarding eagle syndrome and was taken aback of this secret doctors note.
I do get pain blocks for neck pain but my problem is how do i distinguish what symptoms are from what. But all this chronicear pain and headaches have been difficult to live with. I will look into your discussions. I never had a problem with lazy eye until the past 8 years…

There are so many complicating factors. I do notice one thing about those on these types of pages -- they are doing their own research and not expecting a magic answer (even if we wish it were so). That alone can wear a person down. Then when we do find out why, trying to work our way thru the medical system takes a toll. I remember what it was like before the internet. It was horrible.