How big is your styloids

My right is 6.9 my left is 4.6

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Your right styloid sure is long! We’ve learned that styloid length is not always the thing that causes symptoms. Often it’s how thick the styloid is & the angle at which it’s growing that can cause problems. Length of course also plays a role but isn’t the whole picture.

Don’t know of the doctor you’re asking about. Have you checked the ES Doctors’ List (under the gray HOME tab above) to see if he’s listed there? All the doctors on the Doctors’ Lists have done ES surgery. Some have done more surgeries than others.

What symptoms do you have?

Dr. Newman at university of penn in Philadelphia pennsylvaina. . I believe he is on the list.
On my right side (6.9cm side) i have face pain, ear pain, eye pain,headaches, neck pain from base of ear to collar bone. Some pressure feeling in eye brow area and around eye. Pain varries in intensity. Some times ita very mild. On the left side very mild symptoms. Some throat discomfort but not constant. I can feel the styloid in that tonsil.

Yup! Sounds like ES! I’m glad you’ve been diagnosed. Here is a copy of the post CPR put up on 2/17 regarding Dr. Newman. From this info, I’d say you’re in good hands if you see him:

“I had surgery with Dr. Jason Newman at U Penn in September. I am from the D.C. area, and couldn’t find anyone locally who either had heard of ES or thad reated successfully ES. Dr. Newman was fantastic and he has the most experience of anyone I found treating ES. I originally saw Dr. Lee at U Penn, a neurosurgeon who referred me to Dr. Newman (same hospital). They do a lot of cases together. Dr. Newman is very knowledgable I am so happy I had my styloid removed - it made a huge difference in my quality of life. However, the truth of the matter is that even with a diagnosis of ES a doctor can’t tell 100% if the styloid is the problem until it’s removed. If you can go to PA, see both doctors if you can and see who you are comfortable with.”

Thanks! That makes me feel better I’m so.thankful i live close to Philadelphia. I know some people go years without having a diagnosis and then who knows how long before they find a doctor. My symptoms have been there a while but very mild up about April thats when i knew something was majorly wringt… i diagnosed my self and my local ent confirmed it. But he wont touch me. So he suggested dr Newman and a few others. When i get the list from him tomorrow i can share the other names for the group.

Well done diagnosing yourself! And very pleased for you that you’re able to see Dr Newman. Let us know how you get on!