Can some look at this MRI picture with me before i bring it at doctor appt

I was looking at my mri like most of us do. I’m by no means “geeky” as ive seen on this forum for interrepting our scans, but i get a lot of neck and facial pain. Does this look off to anyone else? Looks like bone to me

Hmmm…if both sides should look the same, I’d say you have something extra on the left? (not sure if that’s the left or right). It could also be on the other side but due to the angle of your head during the MRI it isn’t showing up in that MRI slice. Clearly I’m just guessing. Hopefully someone who’s better at understanding these things will give an opinion.

Facial & neck pain are extremely common ES symptoms & stem from the facial & trigeminal nerves (face) & accessory nerve (neck/shoulders). These nerves are commonly irritated by an elongated styloid. There are likely other nerves involved but those are the “big” ones. If you Google those 3 nerves & look at images to see where they are in your body, it may help you understand the source of your pain better. You can also look up each nerve in a “Two Minute Neuroscience” video on YouTube.

okay will do thanks. This is the left side, i dont see anything like it on the right all at. itd be nice to upload a video.I know what you mean by frames catching up with each other on the left and right though. i go in for my head and neck with contrast tomorrow and left a voice mail with Dr. Bunnel. Hopefully figure this out. I’ll check out the videos thanks @Isaiah_40_31