Carotid Artery

Has any one had any repairs done to there Carotid Artery I’m starting to feel that the swollen lymphnode feeling I got is some kind of blockage or some damage to the carotid artery .Here I go again chasing the dream lol

This is why I ask got this from the Wikipedia definition of treatment for eaglee

In both the classic and vascular form, the treatment is surgical.[3] A partial styloidectomy is the preferred approach. Repair of a damaged carotid artery is essential in order prevent further neurological complications.

So I set a appointment to have a ultrasound done on my carotid artery on my right side were my styloid was removed 3 years ago might be a big waste of time but will post back if they find something it’s Nov 8th bu a Cardioligist

Good luck Deleone. You've been through so much - I hope some good can happen.

Thanks heidemt appreciate it I want a answer lol the ultra sound seems pretty simple .Scary thought having another surgery specially on the carotid artery what is that almost heart surgery.After having brain surgery last Dec for no reason Its getting very frustrating .Im pursuing this on my own but I did have to have a referral to have my Insurance company cover it I called my brain surgeons office and they sent a autherization code over so they must think its a reasonable request.When I called the cardiologist I told them this I had eagles syndrome and want to check and see if the styloid had damaged my carotid artery by having the ultra sound.Sounds reasonable Im gonna bring my Iphone and if something is seen im gonna ask for the doctor to point it out , while I video so I can post it on here and youtube .Im almost feel hopeful that im gonna find out something .But what would good news be ,Yes there is a problem and you need at life threating surgery if you want it fixed ha ha .You know im game though and will go under the knife again Im thinking of putting it on the same day as my surgery last year Dec 14th lol will here I go dreaming again.For any new members reading this I would have my styloid process removed again in a heart beat it helped but I still have 24/7 symptoms so I m searching for the answer for that.

I think it's good that you haven't given up and are still willing to look for help. I think that's important for us - not to give up. Keep us posted on how you're doing.