Has any one ever been rushed to the hospital while eating because of the food getting stuck in the throat

I haven’t been rushed to hospital but I choke all the time Evan more so on my own saliva.

I don't choke often, but when I do it's on my own saliva too and it's most always when I'm in a room full of people. Embarrassing!

A couple of years ago, I choked on a piece of chicken (my adult son did the Heimlich Maneuver on me which probably saved my life) & then, a week later, on a piece of tri tip & a friend had to do Heimlich. Thankfully I'm surrounded by family & friends who know how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. It was very embarrassing & uncomfortable. My chest hurt for hours after the chicken episode. I also frequently choke on my saliva & on water which I drink prodigiously. After the 2 meat choking incidents, I had an upper GI done to make sure there was nothing going on w/ my esophagus that might be causing this. Esophagus was fine. This was 2-3 years before my ES diagnosis. Scrolling forward to the present, I am down one styloid & waiting for surgery to remove the other. I've been having more trouble swallowing recently & have had several close calls (i.e. almost choked) when eating. Small bites & eating more slowly seem to help, but I tend to "eat & run" & am not doing too well at remembering to slow down & take small bites, so I'm "making the bed I sleep in" in the choking realm. I have wondered if all this choking & near choking are related to ES.