Has any one ever been rushed to the hospital while eating because of the food getting stuck in the throat

I haven’t been rushed to hospital but I choke all the time Evan more so on my own saliva.

I don't choke often, but when I do it's on my own saliva too and it's most always when I'm in a room full of people. Embarrassing!

A couple of years ago, I choked on a piece of chicken (my adult son did the Heimlich Maneuver on me which probably saved my life) & then, a week later, on a piece of tri tip & a friend had to do Heimlich. Thankfully I'm surrounded by family & friends who know how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. It was very embarrassing & uncomfortable. My chest hurt for hours after the chicken episode. I also frequently choke on my saliva & on water which I drink prodigiously. After the 2 meat choking incidents, I had an upper GI done to make sure there was nothing going on w/ my esophagus that might be causing this. Esophagus was fine. This was 2-3 years before my ES diagnosis. Scrolling forward to the present, I am down one styloid & waiting for surgery to remove the other. I've been having more trouble swallowing recently & have had several close calls (i.e. almost choked) when eating. Small bites & eating more slowly seem to help, but I tend to "eat & run" & am not doing too well at remembering to slow down & take small bites, so I'm "making the bed I sleep in" in the choking realm. I have wondered if all this choking & near choking are related to ES.

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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I just read one of your old post about swallowing issues.
Did you still have some difficulties to eat after your ES surgeries ? As you know it is still my case 2 months post surgery and I now wonder if this problem was due to ES or not as it remains really problematic… chocking on food at every meal, as if the muscles were not able to work properly in the throat. All GI exams also came back normal for me too…
Thank you !

I don’t have trouble choking on food so much anymore, but I do have days where I choke more when swallowing liquids. I think it’s because of the damage my glossopharyngeal nerve suffered during surgery, but it was also affected by my styloids before surgery. My tongue is still a bit off since my first surgery which makes chewing my food properly & speaking clearly more challenging on some days.

My tongue was half paralyzed after my first surgery, & it was a gradual process over 9 months before it started working more normally. Even though I’m 8.5 yrs out from that surgery, I’m beginning to do some tongue exercises to see if that helps.

@jimjammer123 posted these 2 links a few weeks ago. You may find them helpful.