Chronic Cough - Throwing Up

For those of you that have had a chronic cough.....Have any of you cough so hard you choke and actually throw up? I have had a cough since September 1st and it has only gone away for a few days. Lately, after I eat, I have been having coughing attacks and end up throwing up and it isn't vertigo. It is really worrying me. I am losing weight and it clearly isn't normal for this to happen. I don't know if it is Eagles related or what is going on. Please let me know if any of you have had this happen?

I have the same thing. It's not constant, though, as yours seems to be. It also happens mostly after I eat. I start to cough and it's almost as though the coughing makes me cough more. Over the years I have learned focus on making my throat relax. That and drinking water is usually enough to make it stop, but there have been many times that I had to throw up before it stopped. It is interesting that you brought this up. I never attributed it to ES. Kinda thought it may be related to allergies.

I did not have a chronic cough, but I would gag on my own (secretions). It seems that the Eagles must have kept my salivary glands from being able to drain and I would start gagging and I would push on the tissue around the styloid to release the ??? secretions. My doc said that he did not see any salivary gland involvement and that was not a symptom, but it is gone now. When the secretions??? would drain, I would start gagging and throw up. My cheek and upper soft palate would be so painfull, I would start tearing up. That and the Ear pain were my worst symptoms.

I used to choke often before my surgery. My surgeon wasn't surprised when he removed something the "size of a cuban cigar". It never got to the point where I vomited, but it was alarming sometimes. Have you been diagnosed with Eagles? What were you told about the size of the styloid?

I havent been diagnosed with eagles. That is what I’m in search to find…a diagnosis. My styloids are not significantly long. They are 3 and 3.3 and ligaments are calcified.

Jkl, Would you cough then choke or was it just a choking sensation?

I believe that as the styloids are growing over the years, new sensations arise. These bones will piercing the soft tissues of the neck. Sensitive areas, with all sorts of nerve and functions. The most important is to follow the growth of styloids, making an imaging test per year.

I would just choke on the smallest things, sometimes even just a sip of water.

Since surgery #2, I have no choking like before. There is some, but it is due to the swelling from the surgery, I believe (2 weeks ago). Before either surgery, I would have to sleep half sitting up to keep from gagging during the night. Choke on saliva, food, brushing teeth, etc. The thing poking in my throat, the rigidity of muscles in neck/throat, chronic swollen tonsils, etc. Even with the soreness from the surgery, there is such relief, I don't really believe it yet. I have to wait and see. I know I am not high on drugs, I took no pain pills after the surgery, just acetametaphine (sp?) and ibuprofen. But my throat is so relaxed I even breath better.

I am going to go back over my symptoms and compare before I have my follow up in Nov.

I also breathe easier since my surgery. Apparently the styloid would restrict my airway, especially when laying on my back. I had an MRI prior to my surgery so my tmj specialist could assess my problem, and part of the MRI was done with a splint in my mouth. I could barely breathe during that portion of the MRI and was thankful it was only a 3 minute scan.
The choking and breathing problems are 90 percent better so I am not rushing into my second surgery even though I still have one elongated styloid.

I am sorry to hear this, I remember that before I was diagnosed with eagles my doctor told me that every time I feel like coughing to drink very cold water. to always have a bottle in a fridge and another always next to me. to drink every time i fell like coughing for 3 days. but remember do not cough as if you do you will have to start all over again. It worked for me!! but i believe you do need to make some exams, see your doctor just to ensure that everything is ok before you do this. I hope you get better soon.

I am in the same situation. Styloids not long enough to jump off the xrays at anyone, but ligaments are a big calcified mess! I am convinced that doctors only look at the styloids and dismiss calcified ligaments as a cause for anything.

Christian22 said:

I havent been diagnosed with eagles. That is what I'm in search to find....a diagnosis. My styloids are not significantly long. They are 3 and 3.3 and ligaments are calcified.

Thank goodness my Dr. felt that whatever the deal was, if the pain and suffering was enough to cause distress and affected my life, then it was worth removing them. Even tho, technically they weren't 'too long', but 'too big'.

Yes, that happened to me. It lasted about a week and it was terrible week that I had to miss work.

I could not turn my head to the Left (where the growth is) and then the next day could not move my ear toward my shoulder on either side.

I found a wonderful Dr. of Chinese Medicine and had 5 or 6 treatments. I am feeling so much better.

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After reading your post I just wonder if you are any better after the surgery. I had my surgery almost 9 years ago and my symptoms are getting worse, so not sure why