Clicking sensation on swallowing

My only symptom has been clicking on swallowing. I have seen ENT Consultant. Scope throat, ct neck both nad. Barium swallow showed elongated styloid processes. Not been told that I have Eagle Syndrome but to me seems likely.
Also have nerve root compression C5/C6 which causes left shoulder/arm pain and tingling to L thumb, scapula and occipital area of scalp.
Anyone else have this?

:raising_hand_woman: Click in throat (not just a sound, an actually bone cracking sensation) was my biggest symptom. I had total ligament calcification, styloids looked average. Clicking now gone with 3cm ligaments out on both sides. I did have some clicking after the second surgery due to swelling which is proof that anytime stuff is pushed around and poking and bony when it should be soft will throw everything off in the swallowing function process. Seek out someone to help you!

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Thank you. I have a follow up with my ENT Consultant, although he said I could be discharged. I need to probe him about possible Eagle Syndrome though. I can put up with the clicking. I need to know that my carotids aren’t at risk.