Click in throat when swallowing

Does anyone have a click in the throat when swallowing,mainly when drinking fluids ?

Yes, yes, yes. Before and after surgery :frowning: Some people affected with Eagles have musculature structure problems associated with the disease. The ways we’ve learned to hold our heads and the weird postures we’ve developed as a result of these ‘spikes’ coming out of our skulls has shifted our neck muscles deeply unfortunately. I’m one of those cases too. I’ve been receiving rounds of Botox injections to help relax neck and jaw muscles and deaden nerves that are frayed. Most of the snapping and clicking is subsiding! Hope this helps.


Yes. I have been to two drs and have had ct scans and barium swallows and ." There is nothing wrong with me"! OR i am treated like an hysterical female! I guess i will have find my own solution.

HI, lovely to hear this (obviously not for you as you are suffering BUT I have had this click in my throat since March last year. When it first started I was petrified... It started off as a dry swallow click around the Adams Apple area around the Hyoid bone. I went to the docs and they all said its normal for bits to click and rub in the neck but i got in a right state, i thought i had some kind of cancer. Over time i guess i've learnt to live with it s such but i hate it... I get it when i swallow fluids now too. I'd love to know what causes it and its so annoying i'd have surgery to fix it!

Before my surgeries I would get that when I turned my head to the right when I swallowed. (That was the longest side.). It has gone away, although sometimes now if I turn to the right and swallow it almost feels like it pulls a muscle but doesn’t last long.

Add me in for this side effect as well...I have to push my throat on the left side and push right to get my swallow to go down...clicks when I touch it...I cannot just equate it to happening with fluids...and it doesn't happen with every swallow. Seems the days I am talking a lot, then my voice gets strained and the 'clicking-stuck-throat-thing-happens". I have told all my friends when we go to lunch, no, i won't throw up on you, I just have to 'push my food down" LOL and I also tell them, I just cannot talk while I am eating as that really aggravates things...needless to say, I stopped having client lunches all together! the pressure in the throat however is, how many doctor have you told;"I feel like someone is choking me?" also thanks to all of you who have shared your situations...this sight has been so helpful to my soul!!!

HI, art4u what other symptoms do you have ? do you get pain around your tonsil area and pain around hyoid bone ? I get this plus a lot more . can you have a look at my first post and see if you identify yourself with any of those symptoms ? thanks for the reply .

below there is panoramic x-ray done by a dentist to check my teeth,let me know at you think of my styloid process and hyoid bone .


hi tiagito,

I am on my 4th ENT and looking to the USA coasts for help...I did look at your first post and I too can personally relate to facial pressure all over the face, not so much when leaning, but laying down when I try to go to sleep..

.jaw pain?tmj pain? yes & yes...I have had 2 full sets of braces with 2 different orthodontists to try for some relief- think years of metal mouth & mouth gards just made it worse. I cannot sleep on my side as it seems to skew my face and jaw pain out the roof...

hyoid bone pain? pain near the thyroid, if those two areas are in the NECK? then YES...most of my head pain is at the very base of my skull- right at that #1 vert before you get to your actual neck- i told #2 ENT that it felt like a hot knife stabbing in there. he smuggly replied, "like I'm sure you'd know what that would feel like? I am pretty sure I had my thyroid test recently and all ok there.

bone pain under the chin? I have a constant dull pressure and throb from chin to collar bones

aching or sensitive teeth? not so much teeth ache, but like in the roots of your teeth & under my tongue very sensitive & tender

stiff neck? always

gum pain more like bone pain? yes on the ortho told me I had arthritis in both tmj joints

pain in the angle of the jaw just below the ear? yes, extremely you blew too hard blowing up a balloon and the glands under there water and sting...almost makes you want to throw up...if I rub back there it tingles clear up the back of my skull to my forehead...and all down my back!

eye pain,occipital area pain? my left eye feels pressure, waters and sometimes I feel like I see flashes & it blurrs ( but I do wear glasses, so may need a new script?

tingling,glands under the neck aching and sore sometimes? YES... I keep feeling like there were bruises under my teeth, one ENT said you have "active sallivery glands" almost feels like abcessed teeth, I am sure to have had my overdose share of mouth many dentists looking to see with the description of my symptoms were. My 2nd ortho when doing the pano xray suspected eagles, wrote a letter to my ENT doc at the time- 3 years ago...he ignored it and I kept going for ear tubes about every 2 years... until my ear was bleeding and hurting so bad, I finally went to a new ENT who did the CT to confirm I do have Eagles

painful and burning tonsil area? not so much pain, more like pressure now, but I had my share of that over 2 decades ago when I was 30 had my tonsils out, 2 emergency bleeds...went from 130lbs to 99lbs...NEVER had such pain at that point in my life!!! I feel all the trauma has attributed to the fangs growing inside my neck!! some say that can be a cause to Eagles?

roof of the mouth also hurts sometimes? YES YES, sometimes I take a halls cough drop and shove it on the roof of my mouth, or even a toosieroll candy for the pressure, half tempted to get a passifier from the baby department to suck just needs pressure or rubbing...I actually had a chiropractor once do work on the roof of my mouth!!!

constant feeling that something is stabbing the right side of my throat and neck? my troubled side is my LEFT...I am on my 4th ear tube as my eustacian tube seems to have quit working...according to my CT scans the eagle thorn is much bigger on my left than my right, but I have jabbing sting pains in both ears often, popping and fluid build up, like I said I am on #4 ENT...

etc. etc ....and I have NO idea if this has any bearing from the Eagles, my neck stiffness, or just ALL the pressure, but a few months ago, areas in my leg & feet are going numb!! I hope any of my back-story can give you ANY offers a since of hope to share with others that have found relief and caring doctors who TAKE us seriously!! Thank God for Ben's friends and this site...I have hope.

SIncerely yours, humpty dumpty...:( yes, we need to find some glue to drink to put us back together again

tiagito78 said:

HI, art4u what other symptoms do you have ? do you get pain around your tonsil area and pain around hyoid bone ? I get this plus a lot more . can you have a look at my first post and see if you identify yourself with any of those symptoms ? thanks for the reply .

below there is panoramic x-ray done by a dentist to check my teeth,let me know at you think of my styloid process and hyoid bone .

Yes, I do too along with bubbly sounds on the right side which was affected and surgically treated twice. It does not bother me too much however, massage helps along with exercises to help the muscles get back into a normal pattern. My overall pain and symptoms have receded quit a bit since my second surgery in November. I am much happier!! Also it is worse around my menstruation time.

I did had the clicking before and after surgery. On right side. Still have left side to go.

Found clicking when swallowing, and pain way after surgery, was muscular. Have been seeing a physical therapist and getting kinesio tape on each side of my throat. The base starting at middle of collar bone on each side, with two fingers each. One finger extends to just under chin and one just to edge of jaw below ear. Must do both sides. Results were immediate for me. What a wild ride this Eagles thing has been! My heart goes out to all.

Hi everyone. I am new to this site. I have had trouble swallowing and shooting pains from my neck to my ears for four months.I have had tons of tests barium swallows, mamnotry test, upper gi, motility testing, xrays, mri of head and brain. No doctor can help or will help me anymore. I believe i have eagles syndrome and or hyoid bone syndrom. EVERYTIME i swallow it grinds/clicks and causes my head to swell and my whole neck to spasms. Does anyone have any idea how to alievate this pain? Phyiscal therapy? I know Lilbit said physical therapy helped her on this forum. Don't know hwere to go from here since every doctor has now written me off as "anxiety" this i can assure you is not anxiety related. I wish it was then i might find relief with the tons of valium, and mood enhancers i have taken. Please if anyone knows of anything let me know. I am desperate now. :( good luck to everyone

Dear LJ ,
What part of the country you live in? You need to find a Otolaryngologist that specializes in swallowing disorders/ Eagles Specialist! We have a good spread sheet of Doctors from all over! The best advice I could give you is to go see a Eagle’s Specialist Doctor! Good luck And ask away! We are all here to support each other!

Hi Linda, what kind of exercise did you find helpful for clicking? Thank you ,


hopehope1 -

These posts are from 6 years ago & the members may not be active on the forum any longer. Our current member SewMomma had a big problem w/ “the click” when she swallowed & is still recovering from it post op. She would be a good person to “talk to” about swallowing clicks.

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Thank you so much

Hello! I did indeed have that awful click before surgery. Now after two sides removed, it is a tiny, tiny, faint noise that I only hear when I plug my ears. I’ve been looking way up at the ceiling multiple times a day and I notice it doesn’t click for several swallows when I do look back down. But again, this is after having both sides done. Where are you in your journey?

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Hi Sewmomma, thank you for your reply. I am happy your symptoms went away! I’m still in process of being diagnosed. Saw multiple doctors who can’t tell what is wrong:((