Cone scan and vascular ES

Hi there,

So my plan was to get a Cone scan, after hearing good things about it's ability to pick up ES (regular ct scan did not catch it), and I have just learned that I'm pregnant :)

This sort of sets the whole thing off, as I'm now concerned about the radiation, and have to research the type of "scatter" the radiation gives off.

Anyway, one of my main concerns is that by waiting to get a cone scan, that I am putting myself in some sort of danger, because perhaps it is pressing on an artery.... I get so many headaches lately on the right side, so much aching pain under my ear (the end of the bone, I think) and I'm just really worried something will happen to me.

Does anybody have any thoughts or insight on the dangers of waiting, should it be pressing on something vascular, or any thoughts on the cone scan? I am not looking to get a surgery while pregnant, I just want to make sure that nothing is pressing. Not sure if the cone scan will even show this, does anyone know?

ps- Would a regular CT scan definitely show if something was pressing on a vascular artery? Because my ct was "unremarkable" for ES, however, my point in all of this is to make sure there's nothing dangerous going on.


Julie :)

Hi Julie9536,

I am by no means an expert, but from what I understand, the cone beam scan is much more precise in targeting an area, and gives off much less radiation than a regular CT scan. Here are a couple of links for you to look at:

In regards to your headaches and general pain, it sounds like it might be a nerve or two that are being impinged rather than a vein/artery. While veins/arteries become visible on scans with "contrast", I'm not sure that nerves would show up, except maybe with an MRI, but then again, possibly not.
As for vascular compression, that would depend entirely on how your styloid process grows, or on how your stylohyoid ligament gets calcified. It is different for each of us (as some of the pictures on this site attest to). In my case, I believe the styloid process is slightly curved (I still don't have a good 3D picture), so that only the tip was compressing my vascular structures as it grew. I passed out a couple of times over a year ago, but since then I seem to be O.K., and the ENT said there was currently no vascular compression.

Do your research and ask some radiologists & radiology technicians these questions, but in the end, I think you might be justified in getting the scan done to rule out any problems that need to be dealt with immediately. One question to ask yourself is, how does the radiation from the cone scan compare with our exposure to cellular phones and wireless transmissions? That might give you some perspective.

Another big question (or two) is, since this technology seems to be reserved for the dental field, can/will it be used for our purposes and how does that fit into the regular medical system. Which type of radiologist interprets it? Will regular doctors accept it? What about insurance companies?

I suppose at the very least, this type of imaging might get their attention and convince them that further "traditional" diagnostics are warranted. I will certainly be trying to get one done, even if I have to pay "Out of Pocket".

Good luck and all the best,

Red Pill