Confusion abounds

Went for venogram today that Dr Hepworth ordered to see which ijv was worse and look at right transverse sinus. The radiology report states there is no transverse sinus stenosis or jugular stenosis on either side and all pressure are high (24) including the right atrium. What the heck???

Do you have a follow-up appt w/ Dr. Hepworth to discuss these results? There may be an explanation for those results. I’m sure if the cause is unclear, Dr. Hepworth will know what further testing needs to be done & also who would be best to do it. Take heart! You’re in great hands w/ Dr. H. He won’t leave you hanging but will see you through to a solution.

Yes I do and I got a copy to send them. Will be touching base tomorrow.


Very confusing, but from what members have said on here, Dr Hepworth is very thorough & hopefully will explore other avenues with you…it could be the position your head was in; we’ve had members who have had scans which show no compression when their head’s in a neutral position, but get vascular symptoms when their head is in a different position.


My venogram showed normal but surgery showed my jugular was occluded by scar tissue and my styloid. In my case, I don’t think the venogram doctor was looking far enough down my neck to see where the vein was pinched. The dr was focused on my head. It ruled some things out but didn’t change my course. Hang tight and try not to worry too much, he will know what to do next.


DO NOT trust radiology reports! My daughter had one done in 2016 and not only did the report not contain any findings but the doctor who ordered it trusted the report. This year when Dr. Hepworth’s PA Alison Love reviewed the 2016 scans she (and even I) could clearly see bilateral jugular impingements! They had the scans re-done this year just to check, again the radiology report came back “unremarkable”, however when Alison reviewed the scans the bilateral impingements were still there. SO thankful for their due diligence and SO angry that my daughter has had to suffer for years because of former mistakes!


I clearly saw the impingements when she showed me too. Something is definitely amiss. I have had all kinds of issues since they did the venography Thur. I immediately had excruciating pain in my brain when they injected dye even though I wasn’t supposed to feel it. Neck is sore. Rt side of face numb off and on today. It was to the point I considered going to ER but eventually it got somewhat better so I didn’t. I sent results and the cd to Dr Hepworth immediately.

I hope that you continue to feel better, I’ve not heard of anyone having that with the dye before…I hope that as @NAWAS says, it will be reviewed properly!

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Really sorry about your reaction to the dye. I had dye for a CT scan (unrelated to & years before ES) that left my arm burning for some hours afterward. Quite unpleasant. I sympathize with your situation & also hope all symptoms subside ASAP!