Countdown to Surgery

I live in the South West of Western Australia and have struggled trying to find a surgeon to help me on my side of the country. Thanks to a post on Facebook I have found one and am now booked in for surgery for my Styloidectomy on my right side on the 29th of January.

The pain in my neck, ear, throat and sinus has been debilitating to say the least and I have tried every natural therapy and every drug available.

I am not one for hospitals but I am almost excited to begin the chapter of recovery from the hell that is Eagles xx


Really pleased that you’ve found a surgeon! I hope that your surgery goes well, & that you get good results! Have you checked out the info in the Newbies Guide about what to expect post-surgery? & Seamom wrote a ‘surgery shopping list’ with ideas of what to get ready- you can search for it using the icon on the right side of the page if you’ll find it helpful.
Also not sure if you’ve seen the posts, but Tambralee915 is having surgery the same day- it might be nice to support each other/ share experiences?
Thinking of you while you wait! :hugs:

Best of luck! Keep us posted :slight_smile:
Will the surgery be internal or external?

Regards, Michael

Good luck!!

So glad to hear your good news! Hoping & praying for the best possible outcome. I know exactly how you feel as I felt the same way prior to both my surgeries. Couldn’t wait to put ES behind me!!

Wishing you all the best :sparkles:

Hi jseagle, really happy you were able to find a surgeon and will be undergoing surgery soon!

I wish you all the very best with your surgery and new chapter towards recovery.

I am also in Australia and have found it difficult to find a surgeon. Would you be able to share the name of the surgeon? Would be very much appreciated.

My thoughts and best wishes will be with you. xx

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Hi Vkossa,

This is whose doin mine… are you on the West Coast??

Hi Isaiah,

Did life improve?

Night & Day!! I’m 98% cured. Have a little numbness along my left jawline & a little nerve pain in the area of my right jaw joint & first bite syndrome on that side. These are nothing compared to the ES symptoms & totally acceptable outcomes of 2 major surgeries!

Thank you jseagle! I’m in Victoria but would be more than happy to travel for the surgery. I see you’re in beautiful Margaret River.

Have seen a few other surgeons which I have found through this group. All of the Drs I have seen are proposing internal surgery. Just need to now make the decision to have surgery, have been putting it off as it was a bit of journey to get to an ES diagnosis.

I will make a point of contacting Dr Fisher soon.

Hope you find much relief from surgery, have read your profile and happy that you will for turning a corner soon. All the best and will be waiting for your post following surgery. xx

Hi again, wanted to ask if Dr Fisher will be shortening your styloid process and/or removing ligaments? x

Hi jseagle, I hope your surgery went well last week and you are feeling better day by day. You have been in my thoughts and I wish you a speedy recovery. It would be wonderful to hear of your progress when you are able to post. Sending you continued well wishes and blessings. xx

Hi I had my right ligament removed and the styloid shortened last monday. Post Op pain was quite overwhelming to be honest. I had a drain inserted next to the incision. I spent one night in hospital and left less then 24 hours after the op. Unfortunately I was not given adequate pain relief meds upon leaving hospital but through my contacts managed to create my own pain relief formula… Oxynorm, targin, celebrex and paracetamol for the first five days with a laxative liquid…

Now 9 days post surgery life is coming back and although I am still in some pain and discomfort and most definately weakened by the whole surgery/anesthic I am quietly hopeful that I will make a full recovery.

I cant find a place to insert pics??

Glad that you are over the worst, & were able to get some pain relief. Hope the you recover well, & get looked after! Thinking of you… :bouquet: :hugs:

To insert pics, click the reply button, then on the reply box which comes up, there’s icons in the top of it. There’s an upload icon halfway along (the straight line with an arrow pointing upwards). Click on that & it’ll give you an option to browse your device for your photo etc. Sorry for the not very tecnical explanation- I’m a technophobe!! :sauropod:

Hi jseagle, great to hear from you and happy you are now starting to feel a bit better. Happy also you managed to get the right pain medication regime to stay on top of the pain as that would have trying for you.

Hopefully over the next few weeks you will be feeling more recovered and physically stronger Know how hard the first few weeks after surgery can be. Happy to hear that you are feeling quietly positive about the surgery.

I will send you a private message in a few weeks time if that’s ok as would appreciate knowing of your progress and a bit more about your surgery.

Wishing you much rest and continued improvemet. xx

Hi jseagle, I hope you have been recovering well and most of the pain from surgery has subsided. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but wanted to see how you are feeling now? I hope you have found relief and are feeling better. :slight_smile: