Do you have a success story for me?

I would like to hear sucess stories please. Im hoping to have surgery soon and get my 6.9cm right sided styloid removed. I meet wirh surgeon next week. Im getting more and more nervous ans just want to hear positive stories please: )

Hi Mage7984!

There are many success stories on this site. Mine is one. I had my first surgery 11/2014 & my second 8/2015. My symptoms are gone. I had vascular ES on the right & non-vascular on the left though the left side caused a lot more pain (before surgery) than the right. I had external surgery & my scars are in my neck creases so barely visible. I did end up w/ a little nerve damage post op so still have some numbness along my left jawline & first bite syndrome on my right side. These things are very tolerable when compared w/ the ES symptoms that plagued me. I highly recommend surgery. It was a positive, life giving experience for me.

You should anticipate not quite feeling yourself for about 6-8 weeks after surgery but there are people who recover more quickly. With an almost 7 cm styloid, you should feel some immediate relief from at least part of your symptoms very soon after surgery. Some symptoms take a little more time to disappear.

If you have specific questions about post op care, seamom posted a great info list. Using the magnifying glass at the top right of the page, search for “Surgery shopping list.”

You’re seeing a great surgeon so you should have positive healing results.

I hope all this info encourages & helps you!


I feel so much better since I had my surgery- my pain was not horrendous, like some people’s, but I had vascular symptoms and they were making me feel really ill. But I put it off for quite a while, because I’d read some awful stories about how bad the recovery was. I messaged one of the members who’d had surgery with the same doctor who I was going to see- he’d posted how he really regretted having surgery, but then admitted to me that he shouldn’t have posted so early after the op; a few weeks in and he was feeling loads better and glad he’s had the op! Unfortunately he never cam back on to follow up on his initial post!
If you’re seeing an experienced surgeon then the chance of a bad result is so much smaller- there’s research to show the numbers of people having a good outcome, and those who didn’t hadn’t had much removed (in the newbies Guide).
Isaiah’s given you some good advice, and there’s info and links in the Newbies Guide about recovery. You can use the search facility to look for recovery tips in past discussions too. But here’s a link to a success story for you:

Here is the link to my story here on the Eagles forum: Great surgeon in Kansas City- Dr. Keith Sale. It is still a success a year and a half later. It is great being symptom-free. I am sure you will do great-- and I will pray for wisdom for your doctor and quick healing for you!

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Like you I was nervous it’s normal. My surgery was a great success and the healing process wasn’t as bad as I imagined.

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Thanks for the reply! How long was recovery for you? I have 2 small children and need to be back to normal lol (cant be any worse then dealing with es daily right?

ALMOST 7CM…WOW…I am sorry to hear what you are going through. I have over 5cm and calcification. I was supposed to have surgery this October but it has been postponed till December unfortunately! What are your symptoms? I personally have a lot of numbness without pain…my symptoms are more vascular related affecting the entire left side of my face. I will be having Doctor Dinesh Chhetri of ucla doing my surgery. He is one of the best! I look.forward to hearing more about you…x

The first 3 days was the worst, swelling and sore.
After that every day was better. Turning my head I had to be careful.
I felt so much better compared to pre surgery that I went overboard with high level activities. So just pace yourself. Best wishes and if you can let me know how you are doing

Thanks for the reply! Sounds like me! I have symptoms on both sides but my shorter side is minor. My ling side 7cm i have all face symptoms as well. Numbness, pain, etc… especially in eyebrow area. Temple etc…

I have severe numbness in my eye ball.and my neck pops.constantly mainly
feeling in in my ear under my jaw. I don’t have pain but vision issues and
shaky vision as well

Mine started with numbness as time went on pain started. My eye is weird as well always feels dry and numb around. Eye lid hard ro open sometimes. I will keep ya updated. Keep me updated as well! Im interested in your story since we are having similar issues. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that your surgery has been delayed. We’d got a different doctor down on the list at UCLA (Dr Gerald Burke), do you know how many surgeries Dr Chhetri as done?

Thankyou. Dr Chettri has done quite a bit. The exact number is unknown but
I was told told hundreds…I feel confident and comfortable to have him do
the surgery, although the waiting only intensifies my symptoms :frowning: I haven’t
heard of the other doctor that you mentioned but I’m sure they know each
other and possibly work together in the same area.I will check.him out.

I had surgery to remove a part of my right styloid approximately 2 months ago. It was day surgery only and I was recovered enough to return to work in a matter of days. My scar is also very hard to see and is in my neck crease. I having been yawning away every since. (this was previously very painful as was most other movement) No more pain killers and I feel great. Worked for me! :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic news Painintheear, and very encouraging for us all! Could you please share the name of your surgeon and did you have external/internal approach?

Really pleased to hear that you’ve recovered so well, and thanks for sharing your story to encourage others! :grinning:

My Surgeons name is Dr Matthew Broadhurst. He is in Spring Hill QLD. Very talented guy

Nest time I update the Docotrs List I’ll add his name in!

Hi Painintheear, thank you so much for sharing the name of your surgeon. Very helpful for those of us in Australia trying to find a good surgeon. Are you able to share what your symptoms were pre-surgery and how long you were suffering from those symptoms? Also, how was your ES diagnosed?

Thank you and really looking forward to hearing form you. Vicky

Hi there. I started out with bad dizzy spells for around 12 months and no one knew why. After around 18 months I was told I had eagle syndrome after some scans. Maybe at the 2 yr mark my ear began to hurt. Then my temple and my face, throat etc. I spent the next 12 months chasing remedies including, physio and pain therapy. One surgeon I went to told me that the surgery was from inside the throat and very painful. I finally couldn’t take the pain anymore and asked my GP to refer me to DR Broadhurst. I asked for him as my dad had throat cancer and he was dads surgeon. I found him to be wonderful. He advised me that the surgery was not difficult and was through the side of neck etc. As I wasn’t a fan of surgery he tried steroids in the area and then did send me to a wonderful head and neck physio who relieved all my symptoms but my ear which was getting bad. I went back and booked in for surgery in a few weeks time. A couple of days later I was in emergency in agony and crying. Dr Broadhurst brought the surgery forward and it was done 2 days later. I have learnt through the physio that I have compensated in other areas all this time and it has created more pain than I would normally have. She was also marvellous and I currently don’t have her details on hand. I hope this helps. From what I read sometimes I feel like one of the lucky ones. Dr Braodhurst is awesome. The best of luck to you :slight_smile: