CT scan pictures

I wanted to post pics of my styloids.
485-image.jpg (402 KB)

Left side
487-image.jpg (542 KB)

Right side
486-image.jpg (533 KB)

The left styloid looks to curve backward a bit.

Did you measure them?

Idk how to work the CD to show the area to measure. The left side is what has been hurting worse and bad migraines on left side too.

I hope it’s migraines and not mini TIAs?!?!

I wish these Drs would go over everything with me!!!

There is a tool bar up on top of the images when you load the disk. Of course, all software and computers are different in how they load/read the disk! Some people, like you can see the 3D images, I can't, though I know they are there and have seen them in NS office on his computer. I really wish I could see 3D, but I can use the measurement tools! Weird!!