Looked at Brain MRI and I think I see the styloid

So I have had every type of radiology study done to figure out what’s going on with me!!! But I found my MRI of brain and I think I was able to see my styloids. Anyone else had their styloids show up? Or am I just nuts?? :slight_smile:

Hi Amy. Good question I would like to know the answer to this as well. I have had 2 brain MRIs and they were looking for tumors or lesions so I didn't even think to request the actual films. I just have the reports which don't even mention mine. I have an appt. coming up and now I am wondering if I should get them.

The imaging center you went to should be able to give you a copy of images on CD. Idk, if the Dr will want them or not when reviewing them for ES. But it doesn’t hurt for comparison in he future.

Great idea! I will contact them. Thanks :)

I had a 3D CT Scan with Contrast.......somewhat of the "standard scan" for this stuff. My Styloids were as apparent as an elephant in the room! Mine are not the longest that Samji has seen......they are somewhere in the 50mm - 55mm range. But they are thick and curved strange. Trust me.........if you have elongated styloids.......you will see the little buggers.