CT Scan Questions

I recently went to a new ENT doctor as all the ones I've been to so far seem to have given up actually trying to find anything and just tell me it sounds like I need to go to therapy because there isn't anything wrong with me...

I was telling the new doctor my whole story and he actually suggested ES without me mentioning which surprised me. He wanted to get another CT scan and I mentioned that I had read online that a 3D CT scan was beneficial when looking into ES. I had the CT scan done last week and will be taking the disc to my doctor tomorrow.

I'm wondering if we ordered the right type of scan though. He ordered a regular CT with contrast so it did the "slices" from top to bottom. After looking around on here a bit it seems like the best view is when the "slices" are from front to back or maybe from left to right. Does a normal top to bottom CT provide enough information to see ES?

I also noticed that the "3D" images included on the disc seems a bit odd. When I see other people's on here they look like an actual 3D model of your jaw and neck area. These don't seem very clear and somehow it looks like my actual jaw and front of my head is missing. Is there a different type of 3D scan to ask for? These are considered "with 3D reconstruction". Maybe it should be done without contrast as well?

I've attached a few of the 3D images as examples.

161-ScreenShot20150112at12.11.19AM.png (257 KB) 162-ScreenShot20150112at12.12.04AM.png (200 KB) 163-ScreenShot20150112at12.12.32AM.png (227 KB)

My CT was regular with no contrast and the problem was very clear to my ENT

I had one done last week and I didn't need the contrast but it did say soft tissue on the orders.

Well I went to the ENT doctor today and he had the radiologist report. As usual they didn't even comment on the styloid lengths. Hmmm. I think I need to find somebody that does the actual cone beam CT scans. Maybe an oral surgeon?

My normal CT with contrast showed the information that the ENT needed for diagnosis. However, this is the same CT they've had for a year . . . they just weren't looking for this last year. It was difficult for me to pick it out on my CT pics, but the ENT showed me very clearly on his screen. The measurements he got on the CT scan were extremely close to what he saw when he operated.

Can somebody post an example frame from their CT scan pointing out the styloids? I'm not even sure what they look like on the scan.

They couldnt pick anything up for me in a CT scan the MRI showed it

I think most of the people on here have been diagnosed with a CT scan, either with or without contrast. The doctors I've talked to thought a 3D CT scan was nice, but not necessary. I think usually the radiologists have to be told to evaluate for lengthened and/or calcified styloids or they won't look for them. I don't know if you need other tests - I think maybe you need to bring it to someone who knows about Eagles.

Looking at your pics, especially the 2nd and 3rd, it looks to me as if the styloids are clearly shown and they look long. Can anyone else more expert see that- Heidi?