Is a dental 3D CT scan what is needed?

So in my quest to find somebody who understands what a true 3D CT scan is it seems that the main people who use them are dentists. Is a dental 3D CT scan the same thing that everybody on here has posted? Compared to the "regular" CT scans that I've had done before in a hospital setting the dental version seems to be very simple. Sit down and it scans around your head. I have found a local dentist who has the equipment and says it is only around $200 total even if insurance doesn't cover it. My only concern is I will just end up with a picture of my teeth but not far enough down to see the styloid processes. Anybody familiar with this?

I'm not sure if it's helpful to you- I've never had a 3D Ct scan, but what you're describing sounds like the panoramic x-ray I had done at a dental clinic. It did show the elongated styloids though, and this was how I got diagnosed. Hopefully someone with more experience on here can help you.

This is an option. Be sure to let your ENT know. Many people have been made aware of their problems via a dental exam.

I asked my dentist about my x-rays and he advised me that mine only showed teeth. I had a CT scan with contrast with different slices of my neck region. This process along with the ENT palpating my tonsil was enough. I have wondered if a 3D CT scan would be beneficial in some way. Wish I had more info to offer you but I am just going through this myself and do not yet have a great knowledge base.

My wife had a 3D dental CT scan...however, it wasn't as simple as you are describing; the process was similar to that of a regular CT scan. Her scan showed a remarkably clear view of her elongated styloids, far clearer than any other CT scan or x-ray. The problem was - physicians did not want to consider them [saying things like "I can't read those - they're dental" :( !]. You may still want to consider it as it certainly should clearly show your elongated styloid[s], & hopefully you will find a medical person who has a mind that is more like an umbrella - able to open - than those of most of my wife's doctors. We did finally find a head & neck surgeon who did partial bilateral styloidectomies for my wife [Cindy Lou].


since you have the copy of your ct scan you can always try this software it's free and you can see your CT scan in 3D !! give it a try

Yes, a 3D CT is basically a regular CT and then they use software to make it 3D. They initially screwed up and did a regular CT with me and went back and made it 3D. So if you have a CT of the head and neck already try the software tiagito78 has or ask your physician if they have the software to make it 3D.

I had a regular CT scan w/o contrast & 4 of the pix on the disc were 3-D shots from just below my hyoid bone to the top of my skull. One picture showed my right slyloid, one my left, two were views you would see if you were standing face to face w/ me. I'm telling you this because I don't think my ENT doc specifically asked for the 3D shots, but perhaps because the CT tech knew he was scanning me for confirmation of ES, he included them. I feel fortunate to have found an ENT & a CT tech who both knew what they were doing early in my diagnosis.

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