CT scans

Just put mine up on my computer. For all those wondering if ES can be seen on a CT without contrast, the answer is yes…clear as a bell. There is a part of the scan where they show the skeleton just like you seem one in science class, and the styloid and calcification shows up looking like two horns on a bull! If I can figure out how to get one of the pics copied…I will post one

elongated styloids can be seen on a panoramic dental x ray...


If you look just below the "Reply to Discussion" box (like this one I'm writing in), it says "Upload Files" beneath it. Click on "Upload files" to upload your pix onto this website. If they are on your computer desktop, then they have file names or numbers. Next click on "Choose file" (below the discussion reply box) & your list of files will come up. You can double click on up to 3 file names/numbers for your CT images, & they will be added to this discussion. I have posted mine on my personal page. The link is on the left side of my personal page under my profile info.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Isaiah! Now I have to figure out how to ssve the disk to my computer first. So scared to “export” anything and lose my info!