CT with contrast result question!

Hi! I finally had a CT w/contrast and attempted to get a 3d view myself. If anyone can tell me anything that would be great (My Dr appt is next Wed) I’m confused because my panaramic xray said my styloids were very long but the radiologist for this CT doesn’t mention them or eagles at all? The report did say I had a 1 centimeter sclerotic lesion on my C5? The dizziness and head/neack pain are so worrisome. Thanks!


You have wicked looking styloids!! I CANNOT BELIEVE the radiologist didn’t note anything. Both styloids look like they extend nearly to your hyoid bone, & the left one looks like it’s the one compressing your jugular vein up close to the skull base.

I would contact the radiologist or radiology lab & ask for your CT scan to be specifically re-read for Eagle Syndrome & for IJV compression.

I’m sending back a couple of your images annotated so you can see what I think I see. I’ve placed 2 arrows pointing toward each styloid one at the skull end & one at what appears to be the hyoid end.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much! I will contact the radiologist. It’s interesting you say that because my pain symptoms are on the right side but if I lay on my left side to sleep I get this vibrating dizzy feeling in my head and have to change position. Also, does the left styoid look disconnected from the bone or is it just the way the scan looks. Heres another photo of it highlighted and a photo of them from underneath. Thanks again Isaiah!

I second all that Isaiah has said, especially about the IJV being compressed by the skull base- that’s something to.ask about & bear in mind as unless the Styloid is removed right back up to the base of skull, it won’t help with symptoms- not all doctors do this.
Where you’ve circled it does look as if maybe there could’ve been a break- sometimes you can see a bit of a gap where the sp ends & the stylo-hyoid ligaments calcifies, but as this is high up I wouldn’t think so, it’s something you could ask about when you see someone.
Goid luck with your next steps…

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Thank you Jules!

My guess about the circled area is that it’s the angle of the image. Your styloid grows out of the mastoid process (part of the temporal bone). I think part of the mastoid process is in the way so you can’t see where the styloid attaches.

The benefit of not being doctors here is that we get to tell you to ask your doctor for the “real” answers. Ours can only be taken as opinions. :blush:


You so good at this Isaiah…reading these scans and making arrows! I learn something from you every time.

Chas…Im surprised radiologist did not notate any of this. The order from doctor has to say evaluate for Eagles Syndrome or they may ignore thos styloids.


It did not say that. It only said evaluate for neck pain :disappointed:

I suggest you have your ordering doctor amend the order to reflect evaluate for Eagles Syndrome. Its an easy fix if your doctor up for it. The scan has already been done.


Good idea! I will ask him!