Curve correction

As many people have military neck, what is the possibility that the cervical pressure caused by military neck is making us symptomatic?

Has anyone tried to restore their natural curve? I feel it can only take away tension in the neck and probably reduce tightness and ES symptoms


Yes, there’s a bit of discussion about that via @vdm. You’ll find if you look up military neck. I’ll link to one below. And that would be me as well as having a rotated C1, which puts my left transverse process of C1 in closer proximity to my styloid. I’m symptomatic on the left and not on the right.


For me I started to have ES symptoms after I started bending my head forward in the hope if avoiding cervical hinging.

At some point I was using cervical pillow covers for curve correction and it felt like my symptoms were getting better


I also had used the cervical pillow for years, it felt like the only way I could lie down
Normal pillows just made the pain worse and the angle was intolerable,eventually I used no pillows for a while on and off , but after discovering VES, then I slept flat with no pillow .
Probly why I could not sleep through the night as I would wake constantly trying to readjust,
I did multiple DC for cervical correction,whole body , and they are not all the same for sure. Also would suggest not doing any type of high speed neck adjustments.

However I did in the last month or so start to see an upper cervical chiropractor.
He is NUCCA certified and very different
He did multiple measurements, shoulders, pelvis, ankles , and xrays . Temperature scans of the back etc.
After the initial evaluation he said he may be able to help and my neck was not that bad.
the neck adjustment is slow gently rubbing the c1 into the correct position one side then the other,
For me the after the second adjustment I saw a huge change and reduction in fatigue, better balance, better vision,my mid back had felt better than it did in years,
It had helped my whole body and I will continue this in the future to help with my alignment
He can do the setting, my body just needs to follow the lead and stay there.

Why does the body get out of alignment ?
What is the driver ?
How can we keep it in the neutral position? Or correct position?
I think for many this rotation may be an adaptation to trauma or lifestyle or both.
I have a straightening of the neck or loss of cervical curve and increased kyphosis in my upper back that has reportedly been progressively getting worse since my whiplash event 6 years ago.

I too have a rotation of c1 but the tight side(left)is not that painful. My opposite side, the right is extremely painful and always cracks with movement ,although my tight side does not or very rarely has cracked or popped.and although I just had the styloidectomy, will be working to address this rotation with an upper cervical chiropractor, for alignment with the hopes that I will not need a c1 shave or a stent for resolution.



Not sure if you saw my post in a different thread but my AO has been working on atlas alignment and i have felt better. Less nervous, better sleep, no more brain fog, longer legs etc

But my tinnitus and gastroparesis remain.

Also it feels like over time, the good feeling reduces and perhaps i need to go back for adjustment till the body learns to stay balance.

Do you find using No pillow better than using cervical pillow?

I am absolutely sure my military neck has a correlation with ES.


That is great that you are seeing so much improvement from the AO doc.
How often do you do adjustments ?

Well for the pillow it has been difficult to find the right head position and I use both cervical and a feather pillow on and off, but mostly sleep without a pillow now,
At times the cervical pillow puts to much pressure on the occipital area and feels uncomfortable.

very restless during the night and occasionally I will flip while sleeping and wake on my stomach with head turned. This is the worst for me and when I awake I have the worst head ache pressure and very loud tinnitus, with multiple tones beeping
since being diagnosed I have been advised to sleep with out a pillow and to avoid looking down.

Wishing you all the best
And that you find more relief :pray:


I dont have any numbers of time for adjustments but i l plan scheduling an appointment in few weeks again

I also have that issue with cervical pillow; over time it causes too much pressure on my sub occipital muscles and I can’t endure that for too long.

I am used to sleeping on my back but wake up finding myself on my side as well (since its more comfortable); this increases my tinnitus significantly and i feel makes me lose my adjustment in fact. It also makes me have a bad day till my own nerves calm down.

I wish i can endure sleeping on my back only

I thought this was a good video about ES and sleeping positions.
For ES when sleeping on side, have chin out (don’t do chin tuck) and move nose slightly toward the head board of the bed.
You’ll know it’s appropriate for you if you have less head pressure/anxiety



What is head board?

The wall at the head of the bed (the wall closest to your head)

Just tried. Less head pressure


So glad!! I find it helps me too.