Describing the sensation in the head

I have this sensation in my head, it is like lack of my oxygen, it is like being stoned, it is eased by laying down.
I don’t know if it is nerves,blood flow, or oxygen related.The tinnitus is at a pitch and volume now ,like nothing before, it is like a constant tea - break is due kind of whistle.
My recent MRI of the brain was clear- which I can’t believe!
I have brain damage, fact!!
So second to the brain feeling is fatigue.
If I had to explain how it feels, it would be brain hypoxia.
Has anyone else had similar?
My percentage of 02 is 98%, BPM whilst resting is 86
Had my fingers sewn back on recently and before G/A heart was checked, lungs were listened to, all was good.
B/P good , so I was good enough to operate on.
But still, the head buzz, my condition is worsening.
I don’t know if ’ fog ’ is the correct terminology, there are plenty of posts for ‘fog’
It brings on anxiety after, and my breathing then messed up.
Out of all the problems bi lateral ES is causing me , the head buzz is definitely the worst
Would an MRI show lack of oxygen?
Are there any tests for 02 levels in the brain?
After all this I still believe my lungs are knackered, despite covid and x-ray, it seems once I get an idea in the soft matter I can’t change it
Has anyone else had this brain / head issue??


@optimistic that “hypoxia” feeling is exactly what I often have despite of the 95-99 SpO2 readings on my finger.

But the brain is different from other body parts that its demand for blood and nutrients is enormous compared to its mass. However, human’s brain can operate at so many different “levels” of consciousness based on our deliberate efforts, given the energy and oxygen demands are ensured.

My understanding/speculation is that if you have vascular compression in the neck, it
a) limits blood circulation in the brain, which might reach the point where O2 demand by the brain for optimal performance is higher than it can be easily and rapidly extracted from the blood circulating through the brain within the timeframe and more CO2/waste product deposited back into the blood than can be optimally carried away
b) if the compression is on the veins, it may increase intracranial hypertension which also contributes to the symptoms

The good news is that if the MRI does not show any serious and obvious signs of damage, likely there isn’t any.

If you are curious, watch this episode of Smarter Every Day where they show how people behave with their oxygen levels decreased

The main part starts at around 4 minute mark.

Serious irreversible brain damage it seems to occur at the levels of oxygen deprivation when one is unable to perform any mental activity anymore, nor understand the seriousness of the situation.

I’d say that as long as you can reason, contemplate and write, the long term damage is less likely and recovery is the possible and expected outcome if the blood flow is restored.

But I’m not a doctor, so these are just my personal thoughts…


Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge/understanding on this topic @vdm. I hope it provides comfort & reassurance to @optimisitic.

Vascular ES is really nasty in the way it affects those who have it. Just wish there were more doctors who acknowledged it & we’re willing to operate to repair the problem.


@optimistic - We have an increasing number of members with vascular ES (IJV compression in particular) & many have symptoms similar to yours. I’m so sorry for how long you’ve been suffering & for the anxiety it is causing you. :hugs:


Thank you for sharing vdm
It was very interesting, I would love to say that this is what I have, I think it is not knowing for certain and self guessing what it could be that is the biggest problem.
It is could be, and I’m glad I’m not the only one


I had bilateral jugular compression so had Intracranial Hypertension symptoms; I felt like I was constantly a bit drunk, off-balance, had to concentrate hard all the time to follow conversations, do any mental functions etc. Not sure if this is how you feel- if yours improves laying down then it could be less likely to be compression of the veins, so arterial compression might be more likely? A CT with contrast would show this but guessing it would be very hard for you to get done?
What on earth did you do to your fingers?
Thinking of you :hugs:


The left upper part of the neck became tender, after that came the brain pain , photophobia, eye pain and super migraine so I called to a local hospital and they have me a anti inflammatory jab in the butt, Lyrica and steroids and a sick note for two days
I went back to work and lay in my van with an ice pack over my neck for an hour
Felt a wee bit better,and it was knocking off time
So I climbed back onto the excavator to gather up my tools, I sat in the sun tidying up my engine installation and stood up to climb down
Only I went light headed and fell backwards
I managed to stick my fingers in the tailpipe and grapple for something to hold onto and my whole body weight was stopped from falling, only there was a sharp edge
It could have been worse

I have cut tendons and out for a while recovering
The little finger tendon went pop last week and I refused more surgery, I can’t bend the little lad ever again
It was better than falling 14 feat onto stone
I vomited due to shock, got my shit together and drove 20 miles to hospital, which I got into trouble, I was to wait for an ambulance.
My fatigue is terrible and I don’t know if it’s related to ES
I don’t know anything anymore
It’s like me/ cfs combined with fibromyalgia, slowly it is consuming me, a small bit is anxiety, covid has damaged my lungs , the last X ray of them I had they were ‘good’
And a surgeon and GP listened to them and said they were very good
But the head feels like it is being starved of 02
I will see how much more I can endure, but there will come a time when I will not want to struggle on any more.

Did you have fatigue as well?
How does ES cause fatigue?
I am waiting for another CT scan appointment,so hopefully soon.
This isn’t black and white, there are too many variables, too many question marks, breaking bones and cutting fingers is far more straight forward.

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Hello, I might be late with responding but I thought I would reach out to you and tell you my experience as it is nearly identical in a lot of ways. As mentioned by others, I have Vascular ES. (Left side removed 3 weeks ago) left side carotid artery compression and internal jugular vein compression. Right side sever internal jugular vein compression. To put it simply, I have been miserable for about a year. I describe it as faint light headed. Or like you said a sensation of being high or drunk all the time, just not as fun lol. Tinnitus was terrible. Head pressure was terrible. Blurry/flashing/ or complete loss of vision at times. I do feel like resting on the coach improves it but I certainly could not lay down flat prior to having the left side styloid removed. I can lay down now. Post surgery the lightheadedness sensation went completely away for 3 days, and with swelling it came back just like it was before. Luckily I have no more panic attacks, which I had daily. And best of all I haven’t had anymore Transient Ischemic Attacks (mini strokes) since the surgery either which put me in the emergency room several times. I got put on Zoloft and I think that really helped. Learning to control your breathing is a huge help, I am able to stop the panic attacks now when my breathing gets off and my heart goes crazy. I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss anything. So far you’re the only person I have found that describes the symptoms so similarly to mine.


I don’t know what causes the fatigue, but I have it bad as well. I basically have to sit on the couch all day.

@Tvitek - I terrible fatigue especially after my first ES surgery. I felt like I’d never have energy again. I woke up one morning abt two months after my first surgery & felt like a new person. I felt like myself again. It was totally awesome!! The symptoms from my remaining styloid started going crazy after that, but the fatigue didn’t come back till I was post op from my second styloidectomy. Second time around it only lasted abt 6 weeks. I hope you have a similar experience.

To both you & @optimistic, I think part of what causes extreme fatigue w/ ES is the brain constantly fighting the nerve pain & other symptoms. That alone is very wearing & causes a stress response. Think about how you feel after you’ve had an adrenaline release into your system - at first it’s high energy then complete exhaustion. This is speculation on my part, but I think the extreme symptoms caused by ES mess w/ adrenaline & cortisol levels (they’re closely related) leaving us without energy & feeling exhausted.


Ouch that’s nasty, something else you don’t need…thinking of you :hugs: :pray:


:joy: I can do what men like to do…such as holding a beer can, twisting the throttle and pulling the front brake lever on the motorcycle’s :hugs: but thanks anyway


They should sell adrenaline in the pharmacy… tablet form or inside a lozenge😋


I am trying to locate a couple of good neck anatomy pictures which you sent me before, would you have a handy link to them?

@optimistic, I don’t remember which image I sent as it’s been awhile, & there are many that come up when I look up neck anatomy. Below is a link to one that is pretty complete accept it doesn’t show the cranial nerves. I’ve included a second link that shows the cranial nerves from a brain standpoint but not specifically where they are in the neck. The six most often affected by ES are the Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, Accessory, Hypoglossal, Facial & Trigeminal nerves. They are on the right side & bottom of the image in the link. If you want something more basic or want more of the focus to be on a specific area in your neck, please let me know.


That maybe the one , thank you
I have found a trigger point on the left side behind the lower portion of the thyroid
When pressed it shoots (pain?) Or an electric current down nerves up/ down/ side ways
Trying to figure what it is

@optimistic - Where do you feel the pain when you press behind your hyoid? Is it just up your neck or does it radiate into shoulders, face, chest, or ?

Hi yes I get weird feelings in my head it usually on one side of the head at a time like not necessarily head ache but when I move pounding pulse kinda thing yes it hard to describe. My BP is all over the place. It go really high no reason at all then return to normal. It hard bc when I was in hospital lately for surgery it went high drs was why is it doing things trying to explain eagles they look at you dumb founded as they then go on to say we gonna put you on BP meds and I am telling them no I just need my chiropractor. When I get adjustment in my neck it fixes that. Everything you described yes from anxiety to stress brain fog.


I reckon we all need something a wee bit more potent than ’ head and shoulders ’ shampooooooooooo😂
Stop the ride …I want to get off!