Diseases that look like to eagle syndrome?


I had my surgery 1 week ago ( external), but I have doubts about the fact that I really have ES.

I can not say whether the Surgery was successful this time. I'm still a little swollen.
I heard about other diseases like ES: Ernest syndrom ...
Do you know places in the united states who can diagnose this type of pathology, and use of adequate treatments?


What do You think about this clinic?

Hi Maxence,

It took 2 months after my first surgery before I started to feel normal again. I say don't rush to hasty conclusions. Give your body time to heal. I still have nerve pain near my jaw joint & first bite syndrome a year & a half after my surgery because of nerves that were disturbed during surgery. These problems are not debilitating, only a nuisance. I'm still holding out hope that they will continue to diminish over time. Nerves are very slow to heal.

Stick with your pain meds for at least a couple of weeks & take it easy with your activities so your body can focus on healing not on fighting pain & swelling. Evaluate your pain after a month & see if you still feel as you did when you wrote this email.

Patience, patience, patience! That is the key in surgical recovery.

I will pray for you to see very definite healing from your pain in the next few weeks.


Thanks Isaiah 40:31

Yes patience patience patience !

It is still early days, as Isaiah says, plus I would think you would be wise to let everything settle down before thinking about any more treatment. There have been discussions about Ernest Syndrome before- you can search for them and have a read if you're interested. The second link you put in has been mentioned and the prolotherapy treatment too. I think there are mixed results with that! The video in the link is a very over-simplified way of diagnosing both Eagles and Ernest- the symptoms of both are very similar, and as both ligaments are attached to the styloid process, then there's likely to be inflammation in that whole area (in my own personal opinion!!). I think too that many of us have more than one thing going on which complicates the whole process.

Wow! Why haven't i read about ernest syndrome sooner? This sounds EXACTLY what I have had all along...I literally have all these symptoms....with eagles, I don't have pain while swallowing or turning head.....all the classic symptoms you think one would have with eagles....

Hmmmm just looked at the video LOL.....My pain is far back under the chin going down the throat....So maybe I have eagles....AHHH I don't know what I had LMARO....And no other doctor does either...