Is anyone familiar with something called "diffuse interosseous skeletal hypertrophy" [DISH]? I read about this in an article by Bryan Bauer from Wheaton Dentist. He suggests that "eagles syndrome" is an outdated term; that DISH is the new & more accurate describer because [according to him] most cases of calcified stylohyoid ligaments will also have ossification of intervertebel ligaments; & that this ossification will associate with symptoms of pain in arms, hands &/or fingers. I've come across this in search of information that might explain my wife's pain in her extremities [additional to her face/neck/ear pain, tinnitus,...].

I've never heard of 'DISH', nor have I seen referrence to it anywhere else, leaving it kind of suspect in my mind. Can anyone shed light on this? ...any feedback appreciated...thanks


David, I’m kind of curious myself. Just wondering if you found anything else out about this DISH thing?

Actually, no I haven't Frank. I have not seen a referrence to it anywhere else since first stumbling upon it. I do know, however, that if one Google's it [diffuse interosseous skeletal hypertrophy], several links come up...I keep planning to spend some time with those links, but get waylaid by fading energy &, worse, fading memory. One day.

If you happen to pursue these, I'd certainly be interested in any wisdom you glean from it....I'll do the same if 'one day' comes around.


frank said:

David, I'm kind of curious myself. Just wondering if you found anything else out about this DISH thing?

wow, that might be what is going on with me. I have all kinds of back pain and my discs are degenerating and producing little spurs, but I haven't formed any new bone that has started to link to other places. I have a lot of back, shoulder and neck pain. This tells me that the answer could be gotten from a rheumatologist. Wow. I hope I don't have this, but at least, I could put a name to it and my doctors would not think I am crazy. I have been trying to figure how I could have osteoporosis and still be creating bone spurs everywhere.

I wonder if this would explain the cracking/popping many of us have in our necks?