Strange development

I had my right SP removed almost six years ago and my left one 2 years ago. A few months ago I felt something stabbing me in my neck. So when I had a dental visit in March I asked for a panoramic X-ray. Neither my dentist nor I saw a big blatant styloid so I went on my way. It was still bothering me so I made an appointment with my ENT. I also got a copy of the Panex and looked at it more closely. I could see something there and so could my ENT so he ordered a CT scan. Of coarse, the radiology report said there was nothing there. But my ENT a said there was. He doesn’t know what but something has calcified. Unfortunately he doesn’t want to touch it because of where it is. So he asked if I wanted to be referred to John’s Hopkins. He said they might have a robotic assisted surgery there. I’m still constantly dizzy so Their balance center might help me too. Luckily, it’s only a little over an hour away. Has anyone else have anything calcify in your neck besides a styloid?

I haven’t, but another piece in that area that can calcify is your stylohyoid ligament. Typically I think they would calcify at the same time, but obviously it would be possible to have them calcify separately. I would recommend getting CT to see more clearly what has calcified.

Could it maybe a piece of the styloid that wasn’t removed and is floating in there? I see from your previous posts that yours was not taken out in one piece.

Yes that could be. On the CT scans it looks like it’s just floating there.

Oneday’s suggestion is good, & also was any of your stylo-hyoid ligament removed? As anharris says, it could be part of that calcified. Very occasionally the stylomandibular ligament can calcify too.
So sorry that you’ve still had dizziness, I hope that the balance centre can help with that- you’ve done exercises before haven’t you, Vestibular Rehab? Does that not help so much?

Just need to throw in my 2¢. Our members who’ve gone to Johns Hopkins w/ ES or ES type symptoms have mostly been dismissed. JH doctors apparently don’t know much about ES & don’t seem to have much interest in learning about it based on the experiences of several of our members. If robotic surgery is on the table as a solution for your situation, I would contact Dr. Hackman in NC since it sounds like you’d be traveling anyway to get to JH. Dr. Hackman is an ENT skull-based surgeon experienced in robotic surgery. He is on our doctors’ list & has done ES surgery for a number of our members.

I’m sorry you’ve got to revisit surgery again, but hopefully this time all your remaining symptoms will disappear if the present calcification can be removed.

Vestibular rehab has helped me to a point. But I’m always dizzy. I’ve learned how to pull myself out of vertigo episodes.
Thanks for the input about JH. My major goal for going there would be to see if they can help me find the root of the dizziness. I would like to pursue Internal Jugular Stenosis on the theory that my right styloid was a so huge and misshapen that it permanently compressed my jugular. I’ve read that removal surgery isn’t always enough and that sometimes a stent can help. BUT I have to find the right doctor to buy into that. I’ve learned that no one will help me figure this out except me.

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We have a research papers section now, & there’s several papers posted in there which mention removing styloids & at the same time stenting for best results if you have time to look…You could print those out for appts?

I have vertigo problems from Meniére’s Disease. I thought I had figured out how to manage them but recently my tried & true method didn’t work. What have you found that helps you?

I hope there’s a great vascular doc at JH who is very supportive & helpful for you.