Dizziness and changing symptoms

Hi! The last week or two my head and neck pains are better but the dizziness is worse!! I have to take meclazine everyday. I have ES and am deciding what Dr. to go to. I have 2 questions! Could it be vascular if I only have dizziness and no tinnitus, blurry vision or head pressure? Should I get a CT with or without contrast? (Samji wants without correct? And Dr Newman in Pa wants with) I only have a panaramic xray now and probably will not be going to Samji because I am in NJ

Also! The dizziness comes with a weird anxiety in my head… like almost buzzing or makes me want to scream if that makes sense?!

Hi Chasingophelia,

I believe you can have vascular ES w/ only dizziness as a symptom though that’s not as common as having it in conjunction with the other symptoms. We are each “designed” a bit differently so can have different symptoms w/ the identical cause. I’d defer to the request of the doctor who may do your surgery thus if you don’t plan see Dr. Samji, but just use him as your second opinion doctor, then I would get the CT w/ contrast that Dr. Newman is requesting. Dr. Samji may still be willing to give you a second opinion even w/ a CT w/ contrast.

What you’ve described as going along w/ your dizziness sounds scary. It may be due to an engorged blood vessel in your brain due to lack of ability to drain properly (this is common w/ vascular ES if the IJV is being compressed). I’d say get the CT w/ contrast ASAP & plead for the prescribing doctor & the radiologist to do the CT w/ your head in the position that makes your symptoms the worst. This will give the best image of whether or not you have compression & how bad it is.

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Thank you! I will do that. I also wanted to add that I think I have central apnea? As soon as I start to fall asleep my breathing stops. Very scary. Position doesnt matter. I will see what Dr Newkirk says today. I’m exhausted :disappointed:

Glad you’re pursuing a solution to the sleep apnea. That is a scary situation. I hope Dr. Newkirk is helpful.

If arteries are compressed they can cause dizziness too, I think as Isaiah says to get a CT with contrast to see, especially if you’re more likely to see Dr Newman. With the apnea as well, it does all sound worrying for you. I never had that but I did get some scary vascular symptoms with bilateral jugular compression, so I do sympathise with you, & hope that you can get tests done quickly.
Just a thought, I wonder if the sleep apnea could be anything to do with the Vagus nerve, as that plays a part in autonomic control of respiration…only a thought, not seen any research on that. But we’ve seen quite a few members with symptoms possibly caused by an irritated Vagus nerve.


My experience is that vascular compression can cause atypical migraine (no pain but very spacey filling). You might want to look up atypical migraine and see if that provides a description that aligns with the dizziness you are describing.