Hi its been a long time as my symptoms went into remission. I would like to ask you all. For the past 2 months im constantly dizzy light headed, its not a vertigo feeling. It gets worse as the day goes on. Ive been to every doctor and vestibular rehabilitation. My mri was clear. I never thought it would be eagles syndrome back to haunt me again. Its the only reason i can see for this dizziness. Can there be dizziness all day only when on my feet im fine sitting and lying down? I have no other throat pain like i did before. Its been about 7 years. Now i dread to think ive to go down this nightmare again. I had a diagnosis from scan both sides but tge ent is well retired now and i have to start again. Could dizziness be the only symptom?

@July123 - It’s good to hear from you and learn that your ES symptoms subsided. I am sorry you now have pretty constant dizziness. Since it’s only dizziness you’re experiencing, I suspect it may be coming from your inner ear(s), but vascular problems related to ES can also cause dizziness but along w/ other ES symptoms. There is a very experienced ES doctor/surgeon in Cork - Prof. Sherif Sultan. If you’re able to drive that far to see a doctor, he’d be a good choice for follow up with your current symptoms.

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Thanks Isaiah
So do you think its more likely not from eagles if dizziness is the only symptom?
I am literally panicking again ive read alot of people on here are passing out from dizziness. If my styloids have grown more and my throat is not affected with pain could that mean its reached the vascular part? I will ask my doctor for an mri with contrast to look for any compression ive had a normal mri but styloids weren’t looked for. Is there anyone else here with a confirmed diagnosis with just dizziness??

So sorry that you’re feeling so dizzy. It can happen with Vascular ES, but I can’t think of anyone who has had that as their only symptom- I might be wrong though! When dizziness and fainting is caused by carotid compression from the styloids, it’s often when the head is in certain positions, if someone looks sideways for example. Dizziness from jugular compression is often accompanied by other symptoms like head pressure, it can be more of an off balance feeling, and lying down can often make the head pressure worse. (There’s info about the vascular symptoms in here:
ES Information: Common Symptoms And Possible Explanations For Them - Welcome / Newbies Guide to Eagle Syndrome - Living with Eagle
Rather than an MRI with contrast- the contrast medium used can cause adverse effects as @vdm has posted about- and as MRIs don’t show the styloids as well, a CT with contrast would be better to see if there’s been any regrowth.
Let us know how you get on :hugs:

Thank you Jules
Yes its an overall constant light headed feeling that gets worse as the day goes on but only when im up on my feet. Everything else has been ruled out. So im really hoping its not eagles. Ive had every throat pain symptom before with this so i know what its like but this is just dizziness so im thinking its morphed beyond my throat and maybe compressing something. I will ask for a ct with contrast.

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@July123 - ask for a dynamic CT w/ contrast. That is a CT where they have you move your head into different positions i.e. looking up/down & left/right. Often that gives a better idea of head positions that might be causing vascular compression in case that is the problem.

Not all people with ES get throat pain or other throat symptoms so a sore throat isn’t a reliable indicator of ES.

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