Whole styloid or partial styloid success

Still waiting on surgery*

My question of the day comes from the heart, how many of you had success with partial removal or full removal of styloid? Meaning partial is just a few centimeters and full styloid meaning to the base of the skull.

Ideally the whole styloid should be removed, but this isn’t always possible. Many members have had good results with intraoral surgery when not all the styloid is removed.

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AWESOME! Okay Friday or Monday I will let you amazing people know when is my surgery date. I’m so blessed to met all of you seriously I feel part of a family. I never had one before I always felt left out.


I forgot to say that the important thing is that the surgeon understands that they need to smooth the tip off, and remove the piece taken off- it is crazy but there have been a couple of doctors who’ve snapped a piece off & left it in!!
Glad that you’re finding the site so friendly & helpful!

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You could sound super-smart and ask if they will use something like a “rasp” to file down what they leave inside you. That tool happened to be mentioned by my surgeon.

That’s funny! I know it’s the name for a file, but there should be another hypertechnical medical name for it when you use it during surgery.


Partial. The doctor showed me what the styloid piece looked like. He said he took off what he could and smoothed off the end that he left. I think it was successful so far. My symptoms were slow and mostly non-descriptive until recent. Surgery was February 2019. I am having a little neck pain but also am getting used to new sleep machine.

One result of intraoral surgery was sleep apnea for me due to the incision under tonsil loosened up tissue. I think I was snoring anyway so it actually just speeded up the process. In retrospect, since styloid calcification was against blood vessels, it is good my brain is getting good flow of oxygen…it’s all good. Hoping and praying you get good results Supersayianrulis!!! Your second word written was “waiting”. Hang in there. Praying for peace, good results and speedy recovery.


Alright ladies and ladies surgery date is on October 23rd with Dr. Milligan. Symptoms this month; anxiety of course, visual problems, balance issues, vertigo, breathlessness, creputis sound behind jaw near the ear. GI bloating, facial spasm, neck spasm scm muscle. Thank you for all the questions answered now it’s one more month so meditation and not panicking is the most important part now. I made it so far with so much pain and unfortunate symptoms. I’m ready to help others who dealt with ES and I can guide them through dark times.


So great to hear you have a date…the carrot. You will prevail with such an awesome attitude.

If you are willing try out this hokey pokey dance which goes like this:

There is a circle of suffering in which we live. The challenge, if possible, is to have one foot inside this circle while the other foot is placed firmly outside the circle grounded in contemplative awareness of the Love and Grace which forever holds us. If we can do this we will not be consumed by the swirling whirlwind of suffering for ourselves, those who are near to us and of the world. We will be grounded with deep peace in the midst of great suffering.
…”and turn yourself around, that’s what it’s all about…the hokey pokey”

Happy for you!!!


Great analogy, JustBreathe! Thank you for this great picture! I loved the Hokey Pokey when I was younger - especially on roller skates at a skating rink!! :crazy_face: I don’t think roller rinks do those fun games anymore, but it is a happy memory. :blush:

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Glad that you have a date to aim for, & not too long to wait! There’s lots of info on here about what to expect after surgery if you’ve not already read it to prepare yourself… Hope the time passes quickly for you & you can hold on to that positive attitude!

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Thank you ladies @Jules I noticed you had bulging disc on C5-C6 I never had neck problems but I’m berly learning my body. I have a theory that my styloids are affecting my neck as if causing impingement. Did you also thought the same?

I had a whiplash injury years ago, so have had neck problems ever since- I think that’s caused ES, & possibly the prolapsed disc . I was also doing lots of cycling which I think may have set off the disc problem, but equally I think the disc problem maybe shifted things in the neck enough to cause vascular symptoms, as I didn’t have that originally. Chickens & eggs :joy:

I had wiplash injury in July of 2018 but I was too worried about the other person. Did your eagle surgery help you with the bulging disc?

I had physiotherapy & was given exercises to do which helped alot, & unfortunately had to give up cycling too, so that all helped, more than the surgery. As long as I’m careful now, it’s okay, I know what to avoid & do the exercises still.
I did have lots of muscle tension & pain from that, which made all the ES pain worse, so improving all the tight muscles helped the ES pain. Pain, then tension, causing more pain (the tight, bunched muscles can compress nerves too, causing more pain!) can be a viscious cycle which is hard to break, luckily I found something to help it before surgery.

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My PT helped with the neck issues but I only have symptoms of dizziness, back of the head pressure, temporal pressure, TMD clicking, feeling under the ear like something is pulling me down stuck to my neck. After surgery did it helps your neck?


Most if not all of the symptoms you’ve just mentioned will likely go away after you have ES surgery. Getting the styloid(s) removed & releasing the pressure on the vascular tissues & nerves will make a big difference.

Thank you! It’s hard not being able to do anything everyday I get up a little out of bed and do some work around the house. Then after a couple hours I go to my bed and lay down and pray because of all those symptoms. So many questions and I’m sorry it’s my severe anxiety and PTSD. I’m seeing a therapist for it now so I can get my life straight and keep my mind focus on life. I’ve been focused on my body for nine months, thank you so much for your responses

Your surgery date will be here soon. Your healing will begin after that. I recall you have bilateral ES. Your doctor will likely require close to 3 months between surgeries. Since he tends to be very busy, I’d get the second surgery scheduled soon after you have the first one so you don’t end up waiting for that one.

I’m so sorry your life is very difficult right now. It will improve. You have been bravely facing this for so long & are doing a good job of taking things one day at a time. Keep up the good work!


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The dizziness, head and ear pressure, neck pain, face numbness all improved loads after surgery, yes. As Isaiah says those are ES symptoms so hopefully will improve lots for you.
ES can cause anxiety, so no wonder you’re feeling like that. If you search the discussions, there’s been lots of advice for that by BrooklynGirl & JustBreathe at the moment to help anxiety.