Doctor ordered MRI, even though recent CT scan is very clear. Is this legit or billing?

In February, an ENT diagnosed me with ES. My styloids are erupting into my mouth. Also, they are very visible on a CT scan done within the last year.

This week, I went to a different ENT who has a lot of experience with styloidectomy. This ENT endorsed me having ES, but said he wanted me to get an MRI to clarify.

Is this necessary? Is this more billing? Why would I need an MRI?

The cynic might agree that it's more billing, but maybe he wants to check that nothing else is going on as well which could affect how he operates, or to clarify exact position in relation to other structures? I had an MRI for that reason as the consultant didn't think all the symptoms were ES- and it showed I had a C5-C6 disc problem too, so that was useful. Mine showed clearly on panoramic x-ray, and he'd felt them. Then next consultant wanted to do a CT with contrast to check blood vessels. The more info he has before operating can't do any harm, and different consultants have preferences for different imagery.

Hope you don't have to wait too long.

Jules, so your doc also did an MRI? Thanks. I wasn't sure if ES patients usually got MRIs because most ES people I've spoken with had only CT scans. Thank you for your level headed take on this. Who wants more radiation or medical bills? Not I. But maybe it will give them more info. Thanks!

In a few years we'll all be on a forum for people with brain tumours, caused by excessive radiation!!! See you there....

@Jules: Haha! No doubt.

Just for information - you don't get radiation with MRI's.

Both scans give different images. Even thought the eagles can be confirmed with one, the other shows different layers and where exactly everything important sits around the bone. Most doctors dont want to do the surgery because of how dangerous it can be.. it seems your doctor is studying your situation based off these scans in order to perform surgery safe and effectively.

@heidemat: Ahhh, you are correct!

@LAD: This is a fair assessment. I hope you are correct.