Samji question

So my radiologist told me the CT scan is with and without contrast and measured the styloids. I sent it off yesterday to Samji with my paperwork. I subsequently found out they only did it WITH contrast. Beyond frustrating. Do we think there is anyway Samji would accept? I really do not want to have to go get ANOTHER

Only one way to find out :-). I would send it in along with whatever else they ask you for and he can make that determination. Sorry if this isn’t too helpful but doubt anyone can speak on his behalf.

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I will report back when I hear.

Hope that he’ll accept it, very frustrating for you…

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Hi Colie3387,

Though Dr. Samji prefers a CT w/o contrast, he may be willing to evaluate your styloids using the CT you sent. The biggest issue is that the CT w/ contrast shows soft tissues which can cover parts of the styloid making it hard to measure. Dr. Samji likes to measure the styloids himself as he doesn’t fully trust the radiology reports. If he measures using CT slices as opposed to a 3D image, there is a greater chance of his being ok w/ your CT.

Do bear in mind when you have a discussion w/ him that he doesn’t believe in vascular ES as a separate entity from non-vascular. ES is ES in his mind regardless of symptom types. It’s not worth getting into a big discussion w/ him on that front.

That’s great advice, thank you. I will not differentiate between the two. I honestly have a plethora of symptoms so I’ll just list them all! Thanks for weighing in!

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Happy to help! It’s been a few years since he did my surgeries but that’s one thing I know hasn’t changed. :slightly_smiling_face:

From my searching it seems like Samji is pretty willing to do most surgeries? Do we have any stories of him denying anyone? This is giving me hope!

I know of only one person he denied, & I don’t know the circumstances but that member found someone closer to where he lived to do his surgery so it worked out for the best.

Since you have been diagnosed, that also bodes well for him to be willing to do your surgery.