Doctors for ES in UT?

Does anyone know if there are doctors in Utah that can help with ES? I feel like I’m getting the run around and the pain is so severe that it scares me. I just worry that this thing will kill me if I don’t find a doctor that knows what they are doing.

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The link to the list in the Doctors Info has been playing up- have a look at that & see if it’ll open (it’s the 2017 one), but if not here’s the old one
EaglesSyndromeUSDoctors051016-1.pdf (49.6 KB)
I have the new one on another computer, but it’s playing up… technology!
I can’t see any in Utah, but members have often found it’s worth travelling to someone experienced, so you might have to be prepared for that… hope this is helpful, & will try to get something sorted out in the Doctors Info section soon!

Did you find someone? I know of a Dr in UT.

No I haven’t. I’m working with a neurologist and I have an MRI this Friday. I’m in so much pain and nothing seems to help…they gave me meds that make me sleep but as soon as I wake up, the pain is still there. I have been so depressed because I’m always sick and I can’t live like this!

Do you not have an official Eagle’s Syndrome diagnosis? An mri will not show eagles syndrome. Not to mention they are incredibly expensive. To diagnose it you will need a CT or X-ray of the skull

I have had all the tests but haven’t found a doctor that knows anything. I’m seeing a neurologist because I have other nerve pain and the same headache since November. I just want to get a second opinion and rule out a structural problem with may brain and neck.

Thanks for your reply however you didn’t quite answer my question. You say you had “all the tests” but does that mean an X-Ray or CT scan?

Those tests are reading by a radiologist who writes up a report which might read as a diagnosis of eagles syndrome or calcification of the stylohyoid ligament followed by a measurement usually given in cm, e.g. “3.7 cm bilateral calicification of stylohyoid ligament”

Until you have this type of confirmation done then seeing a doctor who can work on eagles syndrome won’t help you. It’s a very specific condition. I’m sorry that you’re having all these problems, but it sounds like it may be an unrelated condition.

I was diagnosed 5 years ago and had a ct and xrays that confirmed it. Where I live the doctors aren’t that knowledgeable, and when my eagle syndrome symptoms worsened they wanted to do surgery. I’m not confident in their abilities and need second opinions. My neurologist wants to treat the nerve and head pain, whether the eagles and this nerve pain is related is to be determined.

Doctors will often be cautious to give any assurances with this condition because you can’t really see say that it’s causing the symptoms you’re suffering from. I know of an ENT surgeon in UT who is aware of eagles syndrome and can do surgery extraorally, but with the caveat that it may not help.

Are you insured? Sometimes insurance will initially deny the claim due to a lack of conservative measures like cortisone injections into the wall of the pharynx. If you would like to know more Pm me.

Thank you.

Dr Douglas Anderson in ogden, UT is the ENT who diagnosed mine and does the surgery

Thank you.