Question about getting diagnosed

I live in Maine and trying to find somebody that specializes in Eagle Syndrome to try and see if I could possibly have it. I looked at the Doctors Information and it does show a few people in Boston but they don’t get highly rated when I do searches for them. I have too often gone to supposed specialists that end up being like any other doctor. Does anybody know when Dr. Samji would get involved? I know some people seemed to have talked to him over the phone. Is that after getting a diagnoses from somebody else? Or can you schedule time with him on the phone to go over symptoms and so on to see whether scans should be done? Anybody live in the New England area that has any ideas?

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Hi TomBradyGOAT,

Dr. Samji would be someone to talk to after receiving a diagnosis. He would discuss your CT scan results with you & ultimately schedule you for surgery if he feels it’s warranted. Dr. Cognetti is a bit closer to you (Philadelphia, PA) & is also very experienced. His surgical strategy is a little more conservative than Dr. Samji’s but he’s performed quite a number of successful ES surgeries. He also does phone consults.
You’ll do best to find an ENT skull-based surgeon in your area (there must be someone), call & make it clear you think you might have Eagle Syndrome & would like a diagnostic CT scan. If they seem to know what you’re talking about, make an appointment. I would presume that even if the ENT isn’t fully informed about ES, (s)he would have at least heard of it & would be willing to help you get a diagnosis one way or the other. To help substantiate your suspicions, print off an article or two from the Newbies’ Guide to take w/ you that discuss ES & that include at least some of the symptoms you have. Once you have your diagnosis, you can contact Dr. Samji or Dr. Cognetti or someone closer to you for a second opinion.

I also live in Maine and two people on this forum have highly recommended Dr. Annino at Brigham and Women’s in Boston. I have an appointment with him on December 3rd. I had a CT scan from Dr. Piper, who is a TMJ MD in Florida, who saw that my stylohyoid ligaments were calcified and he suggested Eagle syndrome as my TMJ joints were good. He had done TMJ surgery on me 15 years ago and since I was having jaw pain, I was worried that the fat grafts that he put in my joints might be compromised. Fortunately they are still good. I think you can see the comments on this site fairly recently from the people who talk about their great experiences with Dr. Annino. Where in Maine do you live? I live in Brewer. Good luck.


Call dr Samji office he takes calls snd appointments over the phone he did with me from Hawaii and removed both my styloids in March and July of this year just finishing up from my July surgery still healing but dr Samji is your man best in the business hands down he teaches everyone else how to remove these so yeah dr Hussein Samji San Jose California amen good luck there is life after eagles syndrome I promise Aloha buzz eagle Rock home sunshine alohaaaaaa brosurfer buzzzzzzy