Doctors in Europe who can remove and styloid and shave C1 as one surgery?

I was recently diagnosed with vascular Eagles syndrome on the right side via CTV. IJV on the right is almost fully blocked by large styloid process and C1. In my country there are no doctors who can perform the surgery (I’m from Ukraine). Any recommendations for the doctors in EU or UK who can perform styloidectomy and C1 shave surgery? And approximately how much it would cost?

Hi @Mike1589,

I can’t answer what the cost would be for surgery in EU as I’m in the US, but I can recommend some surgeons you could contact:

•Dr. Thierry Ladner, Hospital CHIREC, Dr Thierry Ladner (Stomatologue) | doctoranytime

•Dr. Liebehenschel, Heidberg Klinik Hamburg, Dr. Dr. Niels Bernd Liebehenschel

•Dr Med. Nils Heim and Dr Andreas Schon, Bonn, UKB | Klinisches Studienzentrum MKG

•Professor Sherif Sultan, Galway Clinic has performed ES surgery (not on any of our members though) & published a research paper, Also mentioned on the paper were Arielle Pierre, Yogesh Acharya & Niamh Hynes (Western Vascular Institute, Galway),

•Mr Axon, Addenbrooks Hospital, Cambridge (Otolaryngologist/ Skull base surgeon, very experienced with ES surgery, special interest in Pulsatile Tinnitus. Also does private work at Spire Lea hospital, Cambridge, for Spire Health care. Also works with •Dr Higgins, Neuuroradiologist at Addenbrooks) 01223 256052 – his secretary, Mr Patrick Axon - ENT Surgeon (Ear, Nose & Throat) | Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery | Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital

•Dr Jonathan Hughes, London (ENT, published an article in ‘Top Doctors’ website, not sure if he works on the NHS) Sore throat diagnosis - Eagle syndrome . Practices privately with the Circle Health Group in London

I hope this helps you find someone to do your surgery. I’m so sorry you’d have to travel very far to get taken care of.


Hi @Mike1589,

Welcome here in this nice forum. I’m sorry for your situation and difficulties with finding a doctor. You got great tips from Isaiah already. I can add that I found some research articles from Poland that might be a little bit closer to you. Unfortunately there are no reports that I know about the doctors mentioned there.

Otherwise I would recommend seeing Dr. Nils Heim at University Hospital Bonn, Germany. Surgery for one side was about 10k Euro there, but no guarantee if it’s still that price. Anywhere else in Germany the price should be approximately the same. For bilateral surgery it was also the same price in my history but I’d definitely not recommend those german clinics to anybody.
(Fyi: Ukrainian refugees are actually able to apply for healthcare insurance here in Germany. The surgery should be covered then. There might be a grace period though. But I’m actually not super informed about the insurance stuff. See also: Стартова сторінка )

Hope that helps you finding a good doctor and pain relief eventually. :v:

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