Doctors in Jax Fl

Looking for recommendations for a doc in Jax Fl

Here’s a link to the Doctors List; there are a few doctors in Florida on the list, & you can use the search function to see if there’s been any mentions in the past discussions.
Out of all of them, the ones I think members have had good experiences with recently are Dr Jeffrey Scott Magnuson, & Dr Rui Fernandes. It’s worth travelling to see doctors with experience!
Good luck with your search!

Thank you so much! I’m looking up both of them. I don’t know where to even start! Does medical management help? My nighttime pain is so severe that nothing I’ve tried seems to help (muscle relaxers, NSAIDs, sleep aids, ice, heat, etc)

Sounds like you’ve tried lots of things; I found sleeping propped up a bit helped, with a wedge pillow or a V shaped pillow. I was prescribed amitriptyline for the nerve pain, & that helped with sleep too, so that was a bonus!
There’s info in the Newbies Guide Section about other medications to try- there are several nerve pain ones, or some people have tried lidocaine patches on their neck. Injections of steroids/ lidocaine can be done by an ENT into the tonsillar area as well; they can sometimes help, but don’t always last long, & can’t be repeated too often.
I hope you can find something which helps!

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Hi Jules!
Based on a visit from Feb 1, with Dr Garvey in MPLS, I wouldn’t count him as one of your doctors that LIKES to deal with Eagles. He seems genuinely surprised and less than enthusiastic that he is on the list, actually. His viewpoint on treating it is very narrow, so that is something others should know. I might be looking at traveling to see a doc… I’m dealing with another bag of medical crazy at the moment, so once that is figured out (or if it isn’t and relates to this, which I’m not ruling out), I will look harder at the last local one to see and go from there.
Thanks for all you do on here - this site has been very helpful and without it, I fear, many would be feel scared, unheard, and very much alone. You and @Isaiah_40_31 are amazing!


I have an appt with Dr. Russell Smith in Jax, FL. I asked around and apparently he is the one to see in this area. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with him?
Also, is there a particular wedge or U shaped pillow that is recommended? I feel like if I could stop my head from moving at night I would be able to sleep more that 3 hours.

The wedge pillow I bought for post op came from Bed Bath & Beyond & cost about $25. There are nicer, more expensive ones available that are somewhat adjustable as to height. As far as the U or V shaped pillows go, I never used one so hopefully someone else who did can make a recommendation.
I did pile additional bed pillows on top of it to make the elevation close to 30º (doc’s post op recommendation). I used a down pillow for my head & made kind of a “nest” in the pillow to help hold my head in a more neutral position.

Thank you!

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I’m really glad you have a referral & will pray that Dr. Smith is very helpful for you. :heart:

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A shame that another doctor’s off our list, & sorry that you had a wasted trip…hope that you can get to the bottom of your health problems! Thinking of you & sending you a gentle hug

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I can recommend Dr. Rui Fernandes.

Dr. Fernandes is an excellent surgeon and the outcome of my surgery has been very good.
The struggles with some of the support staff (scheduling appointments, getting calls returned) was quite problematic but worth the effort to have Dr. Fernandes as my surgeon.

Mine was external, left side only. I am just about 4 months out from surgery and the constant pain in my left neck/shoulder has greatly subsided. Swallowing is sluggish at times but improved. Left jawline is still a bit numb to the touch but I don’t think about it much. Mainly, I no longer have a styloid poking into my throat!

I would recommend seeing both surgeons if possible - so you have two opinions.

As for pain … Hydrocodone had been prescribed by pain management doctor long before I even realized that I had ES. It was and has been effective both before surgery and during recovery. I was also receiving “trigger point” injections to calm things down.

Good luck! I am VERY happy that I have had it done.


This is great! I am going to make an appt with him. He also has a partner but you suggest Fernandes. Seems that he is the head of the department. I have a friend that works with them so I might have some pull.


That’s great! In my opinion Dr. Fernandes is totally worth any of the effort.

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Do you mind me asking how old you are? And how did you discover you had ES?


You can have a private conversation w/ suzb80 by clicking on her name as it appears above her post. That will take you to a page where you can PM each other to talk about more personal things.

I’m glad her experience is helpful for you. :blush:

Oh dear! My sincere apologies … we have been visiting our new grandson, and then had more company when we finally returned home. I have not checked-in until today.

I am 66 yrs old. I discovered after repeated (3) visits to my ENT and two visits to my GP, due to a “sore throat” on my left side. My ENT finally reached in and could feel the left styloid - it was quite prominent to the touch but not visible when looking and scoping.

My left neck and shoulder pain have been greatly reduced since surgery. Swallowing is still a bit sluggish(?) - for lack of a better way to describe it. Bottom line, I am very happy to have had the surgery.

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Interesting that you had shoulder pain as well. I’m wondering if my shoulder pain is related? I’m scheduled for surgery April 20 with Dr. Bunnell. Dr. Fernandez has been out a lot and I was able to be seen by Dr. Bunnell pretty quickly. He also has a lot of experience with ES. He felt confident that the surgery was very necessary and would alleviate these new onset symptoms. We have a family friend who works in the department and he felt that Bunnell and Fernandes were equally qualified to perform the surgery. Fingers crossed it goes as well as yours! How much time did you take off work after the surgery? Thanks!

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So glad your surgery is coming up soon, MelinG. Also, thank you for another name we can add to our doctors’ list for the US.

There is a good chance your shoulder pain is related to ES & may be eased by having your styloid(s) removed. The accessory nerve is often irritated by elongated styloids & it innervates neck & shoulder muscles.

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Great video!!! I watched that when I first found this forum but I had a difficult time understanding it then. Now it makes total sense!

I still have some shoulder pain but it is greatly diminished - for which I am extremely grateful.

I took it very easy for the better part of a week(?) after surgery but certainly wasn’t restricted to bed.


Sorry MelinG I posted my last reply before I was done …

The 2nd - 3rd days after surgery were pretty uncomfortable, but as everyone says, ice helps a lot. (I got a small ice pack from TJMAXX that was perfect) Then, I switched to heat/ice, on the advice of the resident physician that saw me (before Dr. Fernandes came in) during my first return visit after surgery. For heat, I used one of those microwaveable neck/shoulder wraps … I have several of those because of the chronic neck/shoulder pain prior to surgery.

I’ll be wishing the best for you. :pray:t2: