Does any one find the symptom temperature and weather related?

Having ES over ten years, It seemed to me that it enables me to have the function of weather forecast.
the symptom always worsens when temperature drops or rain/snow is coming.
Does anyone experience the same thing?

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Hi jaromir!

Though I didn’t experience this symptom of ES there are a number of people on the forum who have. You can try searching (using the magnifying glass icon above) for posts others have made regarding temperature sensitivity & ES symptoms. I’d try just typing in “temperature” & see what comes up.

Hi Jaromir, Yes, the weather does affect my symptoms; more specifically the pressure changes that proceed with a change in weather. I experience more intense pain and dizziness a day or two before the weather changes, often so intense that I experience nausea along with all the other symptoms that ES causes me.

Hi Jaromir,

I do experience this. It’s typically before a storm and I believe has to do with large barometric drops.

I suspect that this has to do with what type of ES you have. My left side was subject to cold and wind. This side had nerve involvement. The right side doesn’t feel bothered by cold and wind - and I don’t have right side nerve pain.

OMG Yes! I feel like a different person in the winter compared to the summer. I always forget just how much better I feel in the warmer months. The pain is just so much worse in the winter and it’s all the time.

Yes.i do feel extra pressure in the ears and bilateral uneasiness read nagging pain outside the ears, during rains , thunderstorms,cold weather and snow.

Yes i do, much more pain in winter than summer, maybe it is beacause we contract the muscles and we add more tension to the area. Where are you from?? did you have a surgery?