Showers and non surgical gets aggravated every night

My left styloid is healing good. I am actually able to talk for a couple of hours on the phone. Awesome!!! Before I could not talk more than 5 minutes before getting agitated. Also, I am able to drive, put makeup on and curl my hair with a curling iron. Before I would get dressed up but was completely exhausted with excrutiating pain to leave the house.
Currently my right side of body gets mad as heck after taking a shower. I don’t know if the water is too hot or what. I am feel very anxious, and pain on my non-surgical side (right).
I used to have it on both sides but now it is just my right. Anyone else?!

Another way to describe it is my sympathetic system is in overdrive on the right side. I don’t know if it is going from hot to cold temperature and too much for the nervous system.

Hi Amy,

That is SO exciting to hear that you are able to do all of those things again!

People laugh at me when I say how excited I am able to load the dishwasher and a lot of other stuff that people complain about having to do! They don't realize how much it means to those of us couldn't do them anymore due to pain, dizziness and/ or exhaustion that ES causes.

Sorry you are having trouble :(

It could be the nervous system having to compensate ......especially if the styloid is aggravating the vagus nerve on that side too. Maybe the hot and cold causing swelling and constricting? I know I have trouble with variance in temperature........ My body just likes to have everything be at a happy medium.

Do you get palpitations?

Hopefully it will calm down soon :)

Take care,


Happy New Years Sheila and all ES friends! May GOD bless us in 2014. Only ES sufferers gets it or understands how bad Eagle syndrome can be. I was thinking about the vagus nerve and temp change. It takes about an hour for my body to feel calm.